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How To Find the Best Hotels Ireland

Published at 02/06/2012 22:23:47


Ireland is located in the northwest of Europe and it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Hotels Ireland are abundant and range from cheap budget guesthouses to luxury 5-star hotels and other accommodation, including historic coaching inns. The best of these hotels Ireland also have fine dining restaurants, where excellent Northern Ireland food is prepared and served, and this can range from simple but hearty dishes to new Irish cuisine. There are many fine accommodations in Ireland for you to enjoy your stay.

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Ireland is rich in history. Its existence can be dated back 15,000 years, however, at that time it was a tract of land covered with ice and huge glaciers. When the glaciers started melting, lakes and rivers formed and little life began when the temperature conditions became a constant. Animals and plants were immigrated here and trees such as oak, elm, ash and juniper flourished a great deal. It is not very clear who came here first, but due to Ireland’s remote location it can be assumed that it was the last place in Europe to be inhabited. In the middle Stone Age there wasn’t much life here and the place was covered by trees and the early people who inhabited the place were nomads, hunters or gatherers.

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Among the best hotels in Ireland are Kenmare Bay Hotel, The Salthill Hotel, Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort and The Killarney Park Hotel. Hotels Ireland Kenmare Bay is one of the best and most economical hotels here that cater to your budget without compromising on the quality. This hotel is sited in Kerry and isn’t very expensive and helps you save for a longer stay in Ireland. It has facilities such as an on-site restaurant, spa tub, indoor pool, café, coffee shops and a fitness center. You can relax and recharge yourself here. Hotels Ireland Salthill is located in the city of Galway, which is popular for its beauty. Hotel amenities include BBQ facilities, indoor swimming pool, spa and jacuzzi. Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort claims to be the most beautiful hotel in Ireland and has many features such as a business center, steam room, health club and hot tub. The Killarney Park Hotel is a blend of stylish, luxurious and modern. It is located in Killarney and has many amenities such as the fitness center, sauna, spa, business facility center and a garden bar. In the city of Dublin is the Hotel Ireland Merrion. It provides amenities such as multiple fine dining restaurants, a lively pub, national gallery, an in-hotel club, spa treatment and indoor gym.


When paying a visit to hotels Ireland, take warm clothes along since weather can be fairly windy or cool at most times of the year. The best way to see the Irish sites is on foot, so wear comfortable shoes and take a pair along with you too. Don’t forget your camera and essentials such as batteries. If you are travelling to both parts of Ireland, the unit of currency in the Republic of Ireland is the Euro and it is Sterling in the Northern Island.