The Top 3 Mumbai Hotels For Families
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The Top 3 Mumbai Hotels For Families

Published at 02/06/2012 21:59:06


The Top 3 Mumbai Hotels For Families

India has captured much attention of people from different parts of the world because of its diverse culture and rapid growth which has brought in many tourists to from everywhere making it one of the biggest tourist destinations. Mumbai is located in India and is becoming a metropolis for a number of activities. People from different parts of the world come to India for a cultural experience which is rich in history. It has much to offer to the holidaymakers and Mumbai has some very good hotels to make the visit one worth it. Mumbai hotels have a history of excellence and they have been host to many affluent people from India as well as those from abroad.


India’s history can be traced back to the Indus River Civilization. This civilization has spread to different sites such as Lothal, Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. India has a history of multilingual and multiethnic people such as the Aryans, Mughals and British rulers who have left behind a rich history because of the forces of different cultures blending together. Malls, shopping centers and business centers are growing at a rapid rate in Mumbai and the government is making considerable effort to boost the economy of India.


One of the best Mumbai hotels is the Maratha Mumbai Maharashtra India. It has a classic style like nowhere else. It has a ball room where weddings, birthdays and conferences can take place. It offers amenities such as Business Center, Meeting Space, Disabled Access, and Fine Dining on Site, Fitness Center and High Speed Internet. Its dining center is praised for creating the finest cuisine in the world honoring a legacy of 200 years of regal dining. Mumbai hotels Taj Mahal palace was opened in 1903 and made its own history by entertaining CEOs, presidents, Princes to various kings and entertainers. The hotel has beautiful architectural grandeur since it is a combination of Florentine, Moorish and Oriental style. It offers premium views of the Arabic sea and Gateway of India to holidaymakers. It offers entertainment such as museums, theaters, fitness center which has a steam room, golfing, tennis courts and boating Hotel amenities include Banquets and Meetings Business Center, Executive Retreat, and Fine Dining on Site, Fitness Center, High Speed Internet, Pool Outdoor and Spa Facility. Another high quality Mumbai hotels is Grand Central Mumbai which is lively center and is sited amid recreational and business activities. It has 242 guest rooms that are richly tailored to cater to your comfort and luxury needs. The staff is good with great ambience that makes your stay memorable in this place.

Tips and comments

It is wise that you book your hotels much earlier and not in peak seasons so that you can save money and extend your stay in this place to see more of the real India. The Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world and it is located here so don’t miss to see it. There are other major tourist attractions here that you should definitely find out about through your tour operators. Mumbai hotels offer their guests with transportation to make the stay more convenient.