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The Best Istanbul Hotels For Families


Istanbul is a city in Turkey and is labeled as the largest city there. It was previously known as Constantinople during the Ottoman period. It is one of the most visited places in Turkey and is a famous tourist spot because of the amazing tourist sites to visit, such as the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sofia. It has subtropical climate, which is quite humid. The climate can be classified as very warm summers and cold winters. The difference is due to its topography. Rainfall is not very common, as it rains only four days per month. Winters, as stated above are quite cold and snowy and the temperature can lower down to 4 degrees Celsius. Snowfall can be quite heavy, however, it does not last long. Spring and autumn are moderate.  There are some amazing Istanbul hotels therefore; if you are planning a vacation here then you will have a wide range of Istanbul hotels to choose from.


Istanbul is a famous tourist destination and has a lot of tourist spots to visit. If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, you must know that it should be at least two weeks long, because the city has a lot of places which need a visit. Each and every street of Istanbul has its own story to tell as it is culturally rich. However, culture takes a backseat when you are visiting an alien city and the hotel is not worth your expectations. Therefore, the city you have chosen is not the only decision you have to make but the place which you have chosen to live also contributes to the fun since after a long tiring day you need a good comfortable bed and a good ambiance to retire. Choose Istanbul hotels which are worth living in and worth the money paid for. One of these is the Hotel Les Ottomans which is a hotel overlooking the best view, it is exquisitely designed and has a beautiful interior, so it will be a good place to choose and is rated as a 5 star hotel.


Hotel Amira Istanbul is another hotel located at the heart of the city and is quite near the famous tourist spot, the Blue Mosque and the Basilica Cistern. It has spacious rooms and comfortable beds making it an ideal accommodation for relaxing after spending a tiring day sightseeing. It has all the latest technologies available so that you will not feel disconnected with the world if you choose this hotel. Its service is considered first class, thus if you feel the above description suits your taste you can choose and book this hotel as this is one of the best Istanbul hotels.

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The Swissotel Bosphorus is said to be the last residence of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire, and it was later renovated into a hotel. It provides you with an ottoman feel, as that ancient aura still resides here. The food has a huge variety starting from Japanese to French and Turkish. It has all the basic services including business facilities therefore, you will not feel disconnected from your work. If you are here for a business trip then you will feel at ease here as it has everything which a business man needs including a fast internet connection. It is one of the best Istanbul hotels.

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