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How To Find Cheap Hotels Kenya


There are many hotels Kenya that one can find accommodation in when they are in this country. Getting to know how to locate the affordable hotels Kenya may require some legwork on the part of the person intending to get such accommodation but eventually if they keep seeking they will find many hotels in Kenya that can offer one good rates while in Kenya. Understanding the various factors that affect the prices of hotels Kenya will go a long way in ensuring that you get the best services without paying so much for them.

Step 1

Hotels Kenya has many available rates of accommodation depending on facilities, location and other major factors that affect the rates of this industry. Each type of facility ranging from home stay to hostels has particular rates that apply to them. Some types hotels Kenya accommodations are cheaper and better when traveling in a small group while others options are viable when a person is travelling as an individual.

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Some of the best hotels Kenya are run as part of a chain, this means that while you may find different branches of a particular hotel in the city centre they may be other outlets in other areas such as Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru among other areas. Though some of these chain hotels Kenya may have special offers most of them are quite expensive.

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Boarding and lodges are some of the popular cheap hotels Kenya accommodations in Kenya. However, most of these are not considered very appropriate especially for accommodation as they are always noisy. Usually they have bars and disco halls downstairs while accommodation is offered upstairs. Only about 10 percent of them have adequate services and some have wanting basic amenities .Safety both within and without the facilities is never guaranteed hence most people who are on their first trip to Kenya should avoid them like the plague. Anyone who opts to stay in these accommodations will pay less but its advisable to have your won tissue, clean sheets and drinking water.

Step 4

Youth hostels are some of the best deals when it comes to seeking best accommodation options that are affordable yet good enough for any traveler to Kenya. Foreign travelers looking for affordable hotels Kenya find the hostels a popular place to spend their time in Kenya. Nairobi and Mombasa has several good hostels such as YMCA, the Nairobi hostels and YWCA. These hostels have professional services that foreign and local travelers enjoy at reduced rates.

Step 5

Travelers seeking affordable accommodation in hotels Kenya also have the option of self-catering apartments. These are quite popular accommodation options especially along the Coastal region in Mombasa. The apartments have reasonable rates especially for people who stay on for extended periods of time. When searching for a self-catering apartment one is advised not to trust the local newspapers ads about such apartments as they are likely to end up in the hands of con artists who advertise non existent accommodations.


The best method is going by recommendations by credible institutions or individuals. With such practical information its quite easy to find affordable hotels Kenya to suit one’s needs.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 02/08/2012
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