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6 Tips You Must Know About Advertising Marketing Pr


Before starting an advertising marketing PR program, each practitioner must do some research to indentify the main elements of the problem and situations that he would have to confront. Doing the research can help you describe a phenomenon, explain its appearance and can determine the possible results of your actions. There are several ways of researching in the advertising marketing PR: internal or external, theoretical or practical, formal or informal. After getting the information, you have to evaluate the possible solutions for the problems, so that the activity can move to the next phase, that of planning and action.


This phase consists in planning some specific actions that will become the plan from which the organization will reach its goals and objectives. In the advertising marketing PR, the action and planning assume using the information collected in the first phase, in order to make an adequate strategy. In this stage, you have to identify the objectives of the clients and of the employer, of the public’s interests and of the means by which you want to use to inform. If wanting to be the best in advertising marketing PR, you have to establish the communication strategies, the meaning of the message you want to transmit and the budget you need. After that, it comes the third phase, the most important one, in advertising marketing PR, also called the execution stage.


The purposes of the communication process are: informing, conviction, motivation and mutual understanding. For you to be an excellent communicator, what you must be if you want to work advertising marketing PR, you should know what the communication is and how people receive the messages. You have to understand the way in which the company and the interested groups are processing the information and finally arrive to change their attitudes and actions.

Tips and comments

The final phase is the one where, if you are working in advertising marketing PR, you should ask yourself: how will the receiver get my message? Is it the right message? Will he remember my message? Does he get it? Does he trust in it? The last phase of the advertising marketing PR activity consists in evaluating the results of the program that you have made, in order to see if you will continue using it, or if you change it. You can say that a program in advertising marketing PR is well conceived, when the receivers get the message, the program reached its target audience, the attendance of the public to the event was satisfying, the press reactions were positives and all the goals were accomplished. If the program was not so good, all you have to do is see where you did wrong. Start from the beginning and see what you would have done different. It is not easy to work in PR and it needs constant work and learning. Never consider that you know enough about this subject, or that you can skip steps. If you want your work done properly, you have to spend a lot of time and energy.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/12/2012
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6 Tips You Must Know About Advertising Marketing Pr. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.