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Role Of Jobs Advertising In The Life Of A Job Seeker

Advertising  jobs, usually communicates to job seekers, where their services and skills are required. This kind of information available to an unemployed individual is very important. Finding a job that matches one’s skill, and pays well enough to meet all needs, is a dream come true for most. One of the roles of Jobs advertising is to bring a job seeker closer to achieving this dream. When a potential employer advertises for a vacancy, he/she hopes only the applicants who meet the minimum requirements and identify with the job conditions will turn up. This avoids unnecessary work and time wastage for both parties.

 Pursuing only the jobs whose requirements you meet, saves a lot of time, greatly increasing the chances of employment. This happens only when time is taken to go through the jobs section of mass medias (newspapers, magazines, television commercials…) or new medias (websites, text messages…).By going through such sections, a job seeker is able to know the employer’s expectation and in return have ample time to make the necessary preparations. This can be, carrying out research on the company and its specialty, as well as availing the required documentation to authenticate one’s skills. Doing this, leads to a well prepared, confident individual during interviews boosting credibility with the employer.

 An individual, who has a well defined career growth plan, gets to identify the job that places him on the path of its actualization. It allows job seekers to pick from a pool of jobs the one they are most passionate about and go for it. Choosing the employer offering the better employment benefits than all others is another important role played by this type of advertising. It helps a job seeker place value on them and avoid exploitation. This therefore translates to picking the employer or company with the best credibility.

 For those needing a flexible work schedule, such as, part time jobs or working from home, going through the advertised jobs helps in identification of such opportunities much easier and faster. Advertising also makes the job seeker aware of new or existing demands in the employment sector. This ensures that he/she will keep upgrading the quality of their skill or acquire another one all together, leading to competent employees once the job is acquired.

Even those who already hold down a job, another employer or company offering better terms or position can be picked out from these adverts. A challenge is therefore posed to employers who in order to attract qualified employees, have to give competitive rates directly benefiting the job seeker

Tips and comments:

When searching for a job, always keep a sober mind and consider your choices wisely. There are plenty of scams out there posing as opportunities of a life time. There is not a genuine job that will request for a deposit before employment. If it is too good to be true, it probably is! 

By Maureen Maina, published at 07/14/2011
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Role Of Jobs Advertising In The Life Of A Job Seeker. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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