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5 Important Aspects Of Quality And Advertising Of A Product

When doing business, there are many things to consider, and among them is quality and advertising of a product. In so doing, there are some important aspects that you have to factor. This article highlights some of these key aspects.

Customer satisfaction

A client is only satisfied when their needs and expectations are met. Advertising creates public awareness on the availability of a commodity, what it will do for them, and where to find it. A commodity might not have the same effect on everyone who uses it, but it is all about quality for those who are satisfied by it. Customer satisfaction in turn results in customer loyalty to the brand, which is not an easy thing to change.


It is a common perception that the higher the price of a commodity, the better or higher the quality. High quality does not come cheap. In most cases cost of production is high. However, clients like to get value for their money and for this; they will not mind paying the extra dime. Type of advertising, also contributes to higher product prices. However this is not always the case. When advertising happens by word of mouth through satisfied clients, such costs are significantly reduced. The costs of advertising and those incurred bettering product quality, have to be weighed out.

Target group.

Studying your potential market group helps in designing a product that meets their needs and expectations, translating to high sales. The youth, for example, are known for their ability to influence each other’s decisions and are not an easy lot to impress or keep interested for a long time. Capturing this group by designing a product that meets their dynamic needs, can go a long way in reducing advertising costs, as this will be well taken care of by their own advocacy.


The aim of any business is to make profit. If the cost of production and advertising are too high then the profit margins continue to shrink. Keeping these expenses on the lower side is possible. A good way to do this is by using cheaper raw materials to make high quality products, and advertising through better targeting media. This way, high quality and effective advertising, become expenses that a manufacturer is willing to pay in exchange for future rewards.


This is what clients have to say after experiencing a certain product. Any good business that takes time to go through this information reduces on areas of wastage and improves on quality. Effort is channeled towards areas showing promise and quality is inevitably improved. Thus, the best way to advertise is identified and narrowed down to meet the relevant market. Listen to your customers.

Tips and comments:

Quality management, where a product is continuously improved to meet different needs, and advertising effectively, keep a product relevant in a changing market. In a nutshell, you must take time to appreciate whatever works for your product, and stick with it.

To succeed in ensuring proper quality and advertising, you need to get creative. Challenge the current market trends in a controlled environment, and experiment with new ideas.

By Maureen Maina, published at 01/30/2012
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5 Important Aspects Of Quality And Advertising Of A Product. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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