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Know About Advertising Pr

Published at 02/06/2012 22:20:54


Advertising and public relations are two different things but a thin line divides them, making them easily mistakable. One thing to keep in mind is that they are both a form of publicity and in the industry they say “any publicity is good publicity.” There is a theory behind the statement. The purpose of publicity is to get the general population to know about something and if something is talked about in a good way or a bad way..the purpose is achieved as at the end of the day it is indeed being talked about. Advertising PR can be considered a combination of the two but what needs to be kept in mind is that combining the two can’t be as easy as you think.


Know About Advertising Pr

Advertising is fairly easy to understand, it is paid for and can be run repeatedly for example during the slot in the daily television schedule it is allotted. If a billboard, the space is rented and the ad stays up as long as the rent is paid. Public Relations are slightly more complex as they are not paid for but are given special time and are unique. Like a public relation statement is given once on a certain topic and its purpose is to address the public regarding a matter. Often big celebrities are scene in press conferences, giving statements to address certain allegations or rumors about them. Like Kobe Bryant, the in famous Los Angeles Lakers point guard in 2003 held a press conference after he was accused of statutory rape and went to jail. Public Relations attempt to bridge the gap between big stars or huge conglomerates and the general public. Advertising PR can be considered a form of advertising that is affective and specific in such a way that it is not as frequent as a commercial and is as affective in conveying a message as is a press conference.


Advertising PR can be extremely beneficial for someone looking to minimize expenditure as well as launch an effective campaign to put themselves or their product ‘out there.’ This is something extremely beneficial for a non profit organization to convey its message or it can also be used as an effective campaigning method for anything. Another issue that advertising PR can prove beneficial to overcome is the fact that a public relations statement is usually for a specific and direct issue or audience, advertising pr can effectively used for a specific thing but for the general public.

Tips and Comments

Advertising PR is the new way to go. This day and age has modified and enhanced everything old school and made it more modern and better, more applicable to the world of today. Advertising and public relations are not spared either. As mentioned above they too have been transformed into the 21st century fast paced and efficient norms. Everything nowadays is efficient and ‘to the point,’ people never have been a fan of commercials interrupting their daily broadcasts so it was about time something helped ease them in that department but one point is of emphasis here; although, most things turn out better when ‘updated,’ some things like fried chicken are best left old school.