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There has been an interesting trend in advertising for the last few years. Large companies that have traditionally locked their prime real estate for advertising have to release many premium positions because of marketing cutbacks. This means that positions in TV, print, outdoor, and radio which are not available now. In addition, because media entities are losing the associated revenue faster than they can replace it, these positions are not available, but they can be a bargain! For the first time in recent memory smaller businesses have the opportunity to move into high-profile positions at low-profile costs.

Step 1

Don’t settle for the same reach and frequency for advertising. Pay attention to vacancy, inquire about it, and then make a low-ball offer staying within the guidelines of the marketing plan. Traditional media is giving dollars in epic proportions and they’re prepared to make deals. The big boys paved the way and the economy has opened the door, so spend your marketing dollars cleverly and buy a larger audience with greater frequency, without spending more money.

Step 2

There are many deals and offers for advertising, like whatever a customer’s needs to advertise or publish they can have some better and good deals with them as well as any other advantage. There are different ways to advertise such as internet, television, broachers, radio and many other means of communication. For example you have to market your web page or website for that you can make small advertisement pages so that you can publish them on different search engines and other sites like Google, yahoo and etc.

Step 3

Advertising and social media startup Camber Tech has launched a service, fermium service called Ad Librium Dailies. This is a daily deal service for mobile and through mobile application they distribute deals. The service displays the proposal as standard banner ads within apps through remnant mobile ad inventory by ad exchanges, as well as through email to its subscriber base.


Brands that do advertising for Facebook which direct users are rewarded with some inexpensive spots. Data collected on a sample of 2.8bn impressions by TBG Digital tells that Facebook’s algorithm charges a 29% lower cost per click (CPC) for advertisement, keeps movement in the site, by directing users to a brand’s Facebook page. TBG said there are almost 140 factors that Facebook has set to inform the price for an advertisement, but its data shows that whether you keep traffic within the site is a key factor. A big part of the algorithm is that if you send many people again and again on Facebook, because it wants to keep people on the site.


If you are a regular user of internet, then you must have noticed that there is so much advertisement going on the websites. People are earning really good sum of money through ads on their websites. This form of advertisement is much cheaper than the advertisement on other media. Every site has numerous attractive banners promoting their products or brand. Google is one of the leading sponsors of internet advertisement. Google is paying millions of dollars to people just by posting their ads on their websites. With time the cost for advertising is also coming down, which is a great news for small business owners.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/08/2012
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