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A Brief History Of Crayon Advertising


Crayons are used to reflect your ideas and drawings in a better and elegant way. The crayons are not just used for drawing and colouring. In earlier days, crayon advertising was popular and still even now it is done. Crayon advertising is a way of marketing the crayons a certain brand introduces in the market as their product. The crayons are usually made up of pigment and wax and the crayons give a very nice smooth texture.


Crayon advertising history begins from the time when the crayons were black in colour and they were sold out to factories and different plants where they were used as waterproof markers. The concept of children using crayons was not among the people then as the black crayons were made up of material like charcoal. Later in Europe, crayons were introduced in different colours, but even then they contained toxic material and children were not allowed to use them for drawing purposes. The Binney & Smith Company who is well known for marketing their chalks for chalkboards brought out their first crayon product as a packet of 8 coloured crayons, and this dates back to 1903. These crayons were sold just for a nickel. The 8 colours of the crayons were: Black, Brown, red, purple, orange, yellow, and green. They were known as Crayola Crayons and they became famous. The important and the good thing about Crayola crayons was that they were made up of non-toxic material so that they could be used easily all over.


Crayon advertising can be done in several effective ways. There are a thousand ideas to attract people towards the ultimate smooth drawing of crayons reflecting the ideas. As said above, crayons are also used in factories as waterproof markers. If you are a company willing to market your crayons, factories and then children should be your focus. There is so much that you can advertise. For example, the Binney and Smith company’s crayola crayons ad in 1960s was a very effective one. One should definitely check it on YouTube. If you observe closely, as soon as the children get attracted towards something, the demand of that thing increases well enough. This is a proven fact. Next we talk about artists who use crayons. For an artist, the most important thing is his smooth drawing showing his ideas. Most of the advertising companies focus artists. They meet their standards and introduce in markets the enchantingly beautiful coloured crayons having a great smooth combination of pigment and wax. And above all, these all crayons are now non-toxic as safety of health is the first and the foremost priority.

Tips and comments

Manufacturing crayons is not a business that will take you down. Crayon advertising is that one big thing that matters the most to the manufacturer. If the crayon advertising succeeds in getting the right person, there can be a huge upcoming order for the company. In 1995, USA imported around $156 million just in crayons and pencils (approximate figures). This truly portrays the real potential of this industry.

By Amara, published at 03/10/2012
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