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About Anti-Smoking Campaigns in Advertising


Cigarette smoke is addictive and it can become hard for a person to stop smoking. Extremely attractive advertisements, images of movie stars, sport icons and famous celebrities with a cigarette dangling from their mouth, the sense of being a modern, cool adult, etc has made cigarette smoking immensely popular the world over.


People try smoking a cigarette out of curiosity and because of peer pressure but end up getting addicted. The chemicals in the cigarette can be addictive and this is thought to be one of the main reasons why many are unable to get rid of this vice.

The statutory warnings printed on the cigarette packets, numerous advertising anti smoking
words and images, advice from doctors and the knowledge that cigarette smoking is not only bad for one’s health but also for the health of one’s near and dear ones who inhale second hand smoke are often not enough reasons to stop a person from smoking.

The age of teens getting into this habit is reducing and these days it is becoming increasingly common for young boys and girls to get addicted to cigarette smoke.

Various organizations have for long put in numerous efforts through advertising anti smoking campaigns to help smokers get rid of the habit.

But no matter how good the advertising anti smoking words and images were they were unable to make the necessary impact. Smokers’ after seeing the advertising anti smoking campaigns often get the urge to quit smoking or at least reduce the number of cigarettes, but very soon realize that it is not as easy to quit and go back to their regular smoking ways after a few days.


However, over the past few years advertising agencies are coming up with very graphic advertising anti smoking images to show the drastic effects of smoking. The super creative gruesome advertisements that are now being shown on TV, the internet and newspapers and magazines are extremely hard hitting and ‘in your face’ and are having the desired results.

The advertising anti smoking are said to be so effective that the number of smokers has greatly declined. Words are highly effective but the latest ads that are mostly just images are having a huge impact and making them quit. Different smoking advertisement campaigns target different types of smokers. The light smokers are offered free nicotine patches and gums and the message that even one cigarette is one too many is propagated.

Fertility concerns of men are addressed in anti smoking advertising campaign for men. Three fourth of advertisements that target men focus on this effect of cigarette smoking.

Images of children and babies and adults who are passive smokers are also used to target massive smokers. There are separate anti smoking advertising that target teens and women. Peer pressure, the effects of smoking on the skin and body are the areas that are concentrated upon.

Tips and comments

The testimonials of the very sick and dying smokers as well as appeal from their children and spouse tug the heart strings and are highly effective anti smoking advertising.

By Smita, published at 03/15/2012
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