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Advertising is a way of communication which is used to attract the audience towards your company or your specific work that you are offering people to. Advertising is basically used to encourage people or persuade them to continue or take some new action. Most frequently the preferred result is to obtain purchaser’s behavior with respect to a commercial contribution. The purpose of advertising can be taken in a sense that it is used to ensure the people that the company people are advertising about is actually successful not some random new company. Advertising can be in the form of many ways like newspapers, mass media, sponsors, television commercials, radio advertisements, outdoor advertising, websites and text messages. But there are loads of free advertising sources over the internet. Text message services are low cost, but internet is the key to free advertising and attracting huge amount of customers.


In the early ages Egyptians used papyrus to makes sales and posters for advertising. Both political and commercial messages were displayed on the walls in this way. Wall or rock painting was another method that was used for advertising purposes. History tells us that outdoor advertising and billboard advertising are the oldest forms of advertising. As the times went by, in 1925 the main advertising sources were newspapers, magazines, signs on streetcars and outdoor posters. In 1998 television and radio had become a large way of communication so people started using these means for advertising purposes.


Advertising is the way you can build up your business and spread it to the world. Text messaging advertising is very common, where as internet is a huge source for advertising. With the development of the society internet is commonly use in every house. Different websites offer you to advertise your business out of cost. Such deals are commonly known as free advertising. One of the most common search engines, Google gives you a free advertising opportunity if your business is small. You can place the advertisements for free on their maps and local searches. You can advertise for free and market your good worldwide via the internet websites. Such as Google gives you free advertising opportunities, another website Hong Kong classifieds gives you the same opportunity to open your business worldwide and make people aware of your work. Both these websites have huge traffic so it won’t take long to attract the customers. There are these forums available on different websites through which you can post your business and let people know about you and your company. Similarly blogging websites are available too which give you free advertising opportunities you can blog about your business for free.

Tips and comments

Before getting started with your advertising business you need to look at a few things. First of all you need to have full description about your business, your phone number, address, and any other contact information that you want to place in the advertisement. You will also need an official logo which represents your business and a coupon if you are offering any special offers to the people.

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