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Among all the advancements in every type of field, Marketing has also taken a leap and has entered into the electronic world. While browsing the internet or connecting with your friends on social networking website you get to see hundreds of advertisements of products from all over the globe. This is what the concept of marketing advertising internet is all about. Since the true potential of the World Wide Web has been realized, the notion of e-commerce has been around and has made global trade and business trouble-free and painless for both buyers and sellers. While businesses get limited channels and audience through the expensive billboards, internet allows them to advertise their products in an extremely economical way through the unlimited options available on the internet. To say that search engines and social networking websites are currently the best options available would not be wrong as millions of people from all over the world visit these websites a number of times in a single day.


When the internet was new people only used it for sending emails to one another and for acquiring some digital information. The true capability of internet of attracting people was realized when it became popular and attracted millions of people who started browsing the web daily. Marketers did not want to let go of this quality audience and hence decided to advertise on websites as well. After the initial fame and adoption by all the marketers, marketing advertising internet soon experienced a crunch in 2000. The web 2.0 technology allowed users to turn all kinds of advertisements off. But soon internet marketing provided marketers with other options of invitational and relational marketing. Currently we see numerous ads on Google and Facebook every day. As long as the search engines and social networking websites are getting money from the marketers for putting up their ads, they seem to have no issue with marketing advertising internet. Clearly these websites have given online marketing a boost.


Marketing advertising internet helps both the marketer and the customer. Searching on internet is smooth, hassle-free, reliable and fast. Customers find the desired product almost instantly. Internet advertising allows businesses to convey their messages and promote their brands through online banners, text ads, trading URLs and pay per click options. Search engines direct customers to the product they are looking for. Other websites frequently display the ads to attract people to the flashy advertisements and as a result they visit that particular website. Internet allows companies to effectively and efficiently advertise its products so that the ads result in a sale.

Tips and comments

Online advertising techniques are not much different than the advertising in newspapers or on billboards. The message should be concise and attention grabbing for the target audience to take notice and visit your website or outlet. Marketing advertising internet allows a particular company to make or expand its customer base. Next time you plan to go out for shopping, do give online shopping a thought as it would save time and prove to be more useful. Hats off to marketing advertising internet!

By Anushay Q., published at 03/15/2012
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