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Do You Know About Pay Advertising?


In today’s world, consumers have a great variety of products to choose from. This drives up
the competition between different brands. Under these circumstances, it becomes extremely
essential to advertise your product. Good marketing will ensure the success of your business.
No matter how excellent your product is consumers will be unaware of this until you make use
of advertising strategies. Some of these strategies, like pay advertising, can be found useful for
your business 


Initially, the only way you could advertise your product was “word of mouth”. Advertisements
in the form of classified ads began to appear in newspapers and magazines. This could only be
read by the literate class. Radio and the television were invented and a larger audience could
be targeted. With the globalization that is taking place, consumers can buy products from
anywhere around the world. In this globalized world, you could target people all across the
globe. Advertising across the globe was made possible only with invention of the World Wide
Web. It created a number of medium through which a company’s message could be spread.
One such innovative idea is that of pay advertising.


Pay Advertising is also referred to as the pay per click advertising. This is a method which
enables advertisers to make profits on the number of click. Each time an internet user clicks
on the advertisement, the advertiser earns money. The amount that the advertisers receive on
every click is pre-determined. These pay advertisements appear on sites on the World Wide
Web. Almost every website consists of pay advertising. The most profitable location for these
pay advertisements are websites that are frequently visited by millions of users across the
globe. Some examples of these websites are Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. The pay advertising on
these websites appears either on the top or the extreme left. It is in the form of a rectangular
box. Pay advertising runs on the basis of keywords. The kind of pay advertisements that appear
depends on the keyword entered by the user. Companies compete with one another over the
keywords that they think are most suitable for their target audience. Once a user clicks on the
advertisement they are redirected to the company’s personal web page. This provides them
with detailed information on their products. Different social networking sites earn a great deal
of profits using pay advertising. Pay advertising is efficient in that internet users are bound
to come across these when logging into the respective sites. Companies are guaranteed that                                                their advertisements would appear on the web page. This becomes an extremely fun way of                                        marketing your product.

Tips and comments

Companies can opt for pay advertising. However, there are a number of considerations that
need to be taken into account. Firstly, pay advertising can be costly. It has become one of the
most popular forms of advertising and thus companies are at loggerheads with one another for
this internet coverage. This drives up the costs. Thus not every business can afford this form
of advertisement. The amount of time for which these advertisements appear is also limited.
They could appear for as short as five seconds.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/21/2012
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