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Advertising is an important component of marking for any prosperous business. To accomplish this level of success, advertising should be incorporated to every essence of the business. Advertising management is one part of the company that should never be overlooked as far as advertising is concerned.

Advertising management integrates various sub-functions that include media buying, strategy and planning, and messaging strategy. If all these among other components are properly integrated, the firm will be on its way to greatness. This is because the customers will be reached as desired.


In the advent of industrialization, most producers did not see the urge of advertising their products. This might be due to the fact that they were few producers and the products where simple. This trend changed as they started to embrace more of advertising management.

Due to the increased competition and market complexity, advertising management has had to evolve and adapt. This evolution is not a one-time thing as it is in continuous transformation. Market research and management concepts are being added to creativity to make it much more versatile.


The advertising management process usually begins with market research. This is aimed at having clearer first-hand knowledge of the market as opposed to the theoretical assumptions. The information gathered during this stage which mainly encompasses the market composition and behavior will help in media selection.

If the first process is done effectively, be sure that the subsequent processes leading to information dissemination will be successful. The knowledge on the niche segment will help you in drawing a strategy that is tailor-made for that specific segment. This progress in advertising management will escalate into maximum benefits as consumers feel better when they are individually recognized.

In formulating the advertisements that are to be used, the business takes two paths, general and specific advertising. Specific adverts are meant for individual segments while general adverts tends to incorporate the similarities of the segments to bring them together. It is best that both are used for the best results.

The process will need that the information gathered during market research is analyzed by professionals to draw the most accurate consumer behavior. Advertising management also needs an array of creativity and management skills. These should work in tandem to realize the set objectives. If any is left out, the process is likely to suffer major setbacks.

Tips and comments

Most advertising management strategies go for a toss because some details were wrongly looked into or were completely left out. This is one of the reasons why marketing research should never be taken for granted. If one messes up at this initial stage, they are bound to flop with the whole process.

If you have doubts about the ability of your marketing or public relations department to carry advertising management, it will be wise to outsource. The same task can be done by qualified independent agencies that specialize in this type of field. It will be prudent that you involve your department in the same for pointers and additional knowledge.

By Kennedy Jacob, published at 03/27/2012
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