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If you’re a fresh graduate from any marketing or advertising related course, then there are a lot of companies out there who would need you, especially in advertising companies in London. Looking for a job really takes time and it’s not always easy and surely, you would want to have a very good advertising job in a very good and reliable company. Here are some tips for you in getting information about London Advertising Jobs.

Step 1

Tip 1: Look in newspaper classified ads

If you want to look for London advertising jobs, you can always look for job openings posted in newspaper classified ads. So in buying any local newspaper, you don’t only use the newspaper for answering crossword puzzles or reading comics, you can use it for reading classified ads instead. Job postings in newspaper classified ads are updated and usually most of them needs immediate hiring so make sure to get your pens or highlighters and highlight the job posting and list down the application information that you’re going to need.

Step 2

Tip 2: Look in the internet

Aside from the newspaper classified ads, you can look for London advertising jobs in the internet. You can either directly search from your preferred search engine or you can go to job websites such as or However, unlike newspaper classified ads, some of the job postings in the internet are not updated so you have to make sure that you know the date when the job posting is posted and if it is still ongoing or not.

Step 3

Tip 3: Research about the company

In looking for London advertising jobs, it is also better if you know something about the company. Researching would help you in your interviews if ever you would be asked on basic details about the company and what they do. It would also help you get inspired and make a decision if you’re going to apply to a certain company when you’re looking for London advertising jobs. Aside from that, you would at least have an idea if the advertising company who offer London advertising jobs is legitimate and not some illegal recruiting agency.


Tip 4: Know the job description

If you’re looking for London advertising jobs, make sure that you know the job description. A good company knows how to describe a certain type of job that they are posting. Sure you know what your job description will be in advertising but that’s not always what other companies see. Sometimes, when you read their job description, it would seem that you’re going to do overall work. So before applying for any London advertising jobs, make sure that you know what is expected of you by the company and you have to make sure that you’re really able to do it.

Tip 5: Know the job requirements

Like any other companies, advertising companies who post job offers expect the applicants to read the job requirements that they have posted. There are some who are very specific. Sometimes, they post the specific schools that the applicants should be a graduate from, and they also post specific skills that they want their applicants to have. They also post the age range and gender of their expected applicants. The job requirement will also help you in crafting your application letter if ever you have satisfied all of their requirements. So if you’re looking for London advertising jobs, make sure that you have read the company’s job requirements before going into their office and hand down your resume and application letter because if they knew that you haven’t been reading, both our resume and application letter will end up on their trash bins.

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