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Before getting into the details and comparison of marketing and advertising we would like to discuss the marketing and advertising separately. AMA defined marketing as it is an activity in which there are the creation, communication, delivery and exchange of offerings, which give the value to the clients and the customers. It is also defined as a process that is used by the companies to facilitate their customers and to create a relationship with the customer.

Through marketing sales strategies are developed.

Marketing is important for business development as well as for the communication. Marketing is the way through which companies are building strong relationship with their customers. Giving importance to the customer is the proper way through which companies move towards their success. Companies and firms keep their customers through marketing. It is the best way to identify and satisfy the needs of the customer. Marketing management is also becoming important for the development of the business.


Marketing is basically used to achieve the goals of the organization and these goals can only be achieved by knowing the demands of the market. After knowing the demands it is the responsibility of the organization to fulfil the requirements of their customers. Marketing is the management that is responsible to identify the requirements of the customers, anticipate it and fulfil it to satisfy the customers and clients. In the past, marketing has been known as creative industry which was related to the advertising, distributing and selling. It is a process that starts with research on marketing and then segmentation leading to planning, execution and finally promotional activities. It has been revealed by the Browne that millions of dollars are spent by supermarkets to research and study consumer behaviour. Their basic point is that before leaving the shop customer must spend enough than what he thought.

Market research:

It can be divided into two parts: Primary Research and the Secondary Research. These are discussed below:

Primary Research: It is also called field research in which research is carried out for specific purpose; sometimes it a costly research.

Secondary Research: It is also called desk research. In this research, it is conducted for a purpose but it is actually supporting another goal. It is less costly then the primary.


Advertising is a way that is used to persuade a viewer, reader or a listener. In advertising, customers are attracted via commercial offerings. Advertising is also done by the firm to make sure their shareholders that the company is on the way to success. For advertisement, different media are used. These include mass media in which there comes newspaper, television and radio. Advertisement is sponsored by various sponsors.

Tips and comments

To increase the consumption rate Commercial advertisers using the "branding". in which to confuse the customer image or product name is repeated to relate some qualities of their product with the brand.

You can distinguish between marketing and advertising. If you consider the marketing as a pie then the advertising, market research, media planing, product pricing, public relations, customer support, distribution, community involvement and sales strategy is the slices of that pie. One piece of pie is considered to be the advertising.

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