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Tips For Using An Outdoor Advertising Billboard

Outdoor billboard advertising is created to tell a story about your product. They can be created to catch a person’s attention using words, pictures and colors to communicate a point. Humor can also be used to capture a person’s attention and offer an explanation without losing the person’s interest. Outdoor billboard advertising is a great way to get your business or services noticed. You can find outdoor billboard advertising next to highways where a variety of views can be seen from a car. Outdoor billboard advertising is used to promote many different products, endorsements and venues. Learn about the different types of outdoor billboard advertising to decide which one is the best for your business needs.

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Most outdoor billboard advertising boards come in two types of sizes and shapes, poster and bulletin. The bulletin boards have very good accessibility from the cars. Poster billboards are usually smaller and are in commercial and industrial spots. Mechanical billboards sometimes show three different ads on one billboard, which makes it more cost-effective to the advertisers. There are also digital billboards that show more than one ad, this is the new generation of outdoor billboard advertising. The only problem with this type of board is that it rotates so much that it may be a distraction for drivers.

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Outdoor billboard advertising try to arouse possible customers to buy a product, visit a website or take interest in a cause. Billboards are there to catch your attention at a moment’s notice because that is all they have is a moment to get someone's attention.

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Size and Time Frame

For outdoor billboard advertising, the traditional size is 14 feet by 48 feet. Poster boards are 12 feet by 24 feet. Billboards can be up for about 16 weeks but shorter contracts can be written, if desired.

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Billboards should catch your attention and your focus. Its main purpose is to make a potential consumer want to buy, support or be included in what the outdoor billboard advertising is trying to portray. This is how companies turn their effects onto you and make you want their product.

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Outdoor billboard advertising must be brief but to the point because a driver only has seconds to read it while they are driving in their cars.


The larger the logo the more people will remember the message.

Everything on the billboard should be visible. A simple background can make it easier for people to locate the product on the billboard.

The billboard should convey a message in a short and brief text so that the person looking at it can quickly understand the message.

Pictures should be large enough for people to see at a distance. The further the person can see it the more attention it will attract.

Eyes are diverted to a billboard with humans than most other types of advertisements.

The use of colors is also important. Mix the colors, so they are easy to see but not overwhelming.

Use a simple font for the words and make sure the spacing between the words is easy to read at a distance.

A repeated design will have a positive effect on a person’s memory.

People will remember the message better when the five senses are incorporated into the advertisement.

Using 3D imaging is also a good way to help people remember the message.

Allow the advertisement to run as long as possible. People tend to remember the billboards that hang around the longest.

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