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A sale is a term which is used to sell any product or service and in return you get some compensation or money. Sales advertising is a commercial activity. The seller of the product or service completes the sales advertising in response to some acquisition. There are some techniques through which the sales can be done and these techniques are direct sales which involve the persons, pro forma sales, agency based sales (in which there are sales agents, sales outsourcing which is done through the direct branded representation, transaction sales, consultative sales, complex sales, consignment, telemarketing or telesales, consumer). Also traveling sales, request for the proposal, business to business sales, electronic sales, indirect sales which involves human mediated sale and many more. There are some of the methods of sales advertising like selling technique, solution selling, conceptual selling, strategic selling, sales negotiation, reverse selling, sales habits, and relationship selling. There are two types of the sales advertising and they are inside and outside sales. There is no hard and fast definition of inside and outside sales. They are not specifically and prominently distinguished. Advertising manager is the person who directs some advertising and promotional campaigns of the firm or group.


There are some of the techniques used for the sales of consumer and these are price deal, loyal reward program, cents off deal, price pack deal, coupons, loss leader, mobile couponing and online couponing etc. There are some of the agents in the sales advertising. Sales broker, seller agency or seller agent in which the sales man represents some company or the individual, Buyer’s broker or buyer’s brokerage; in which the sales man represents the consumers, disclosed dual agent in which the sales man show the behavior of both parties, transaction broker in which they handle the transaction party only but do not represent any party, Sales managers who are well qualified in sales advertising and are well talented.


There is a relationship between the sales and marketing. They are different in some context but they have a common and same goal. Marketing plays an important role in the sales which improves the selling environment of sales. Potential customers of the marketing department can give the benefits to the sales. In any organization there is a goal of marketing department which is: to increase the number of interactions between the potential customers and the organization. Promotional techniques can be used for that purpose for example, sales promotion, advertising, publicity and the public relations. They create new channels or new products. It includes bringing the people to visit the websites of organizations, or you may contact through the social media etc.

Tips and comments

There are some of the corporations who make the structure of marketing and the sales department same. In order to drive the profits and benefits to the organizations they should collaborate with each other as well as they should coordinate the efforts. These two departments sometimes handle similar concepts and they need to work together to make sales increase.

By Ali Javed, published at 03/27/2012
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