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The public advertising field has always been a lucrative opportunity. The industry has opened up quite a bit in the age of the internet and other media. There are many products requiring a good public advertising campaign and many career possibilities, as well.


Public advertising is a profession that provides a lot of work. You can find a career in many different areas if you have the right education and/or skills. Most people obtain degrees in marketing or public relations as a starting point. Whether you have the drive to bring in sales or the ambition to run an agency, public advertising may be the perfect career choice.

Career choices in public advertising

  • Public advertising media planner: A media planner has to be familiar with different forms of media, and make the decision which forms work best for prospective clients.
  • Media Traffic: Personnel in this field have to be aware of the advantages of each media outlet, including demographics and coverage in each media field. This job ultimately finds the time and space in the specific outlet chosen and purchases it.
  • Production Manager: This job is responsible for the actual development of the ad. They must keep up with the actual producers of the advertising, and make sure the job is successfully completed.
  • Public Relations: The person responsible for public relations handles all activities concerning the media, outside of sales. It is the job of public relations to coordinate with the various media outlets.
  • Account executive: This is the person who has to understand the specific needs of the client looking for sales service. The account executive meets with the client and coordinates everything directly.
  • Copywriter or illustrator: In this department, the work of the writing of the copy is put together. Storyboards and design aspects are also handled.
  • Advertising Agency: One place to begin a career in public advertising is through an agency. Agencies utilize marketing, customer service and public relation skills to bring in customers for their clients. They create advertisements for products or service the public needs and want. Careers are lucrative for those who can come up with creative ideas, promotions or concepts.
  • Advertising Executives and Managers: This career ranks high in public advertising. Executives direct the advertisements, oversee projects and manage the team. They also make sure budgets are met without sacrificing the goals. Without this very important person pushing the team, product ideas are not made.
  • Marketing Manager: Marketing managers make sure that all projects are promoted, priced and marketed successfully. This person examines a project and looks for the best way to promote it. He or she works with both the promotion and advertisement managers for ways to get the product or service to potential customers. They essentially look for the bottom line and strive to achieve it.
  • Sales: This career begins with ad sales people and ends with the sales manager. After the executives and management teams market a product, it is up to the sales team to sell it. These are the people in retail stores or online. They work to make a profit by selling products and services. Although the upper management teams are essential, sales is the driving force behind advertisement. This career can be very exciting if you love talking with others and making the sell.
  • Customer Service Sales Team: At times, products are sold online or by phone. Customer service representatives are the people who handle this area of advertisement. They strive to meet company goals while also maintaining great communication with the customers. They learn to upsell products or ideas, just like the sales team does in a store environment.

Tips and comments

There are many online guides to careers in public advertising, including specific job boards devoted to the different careers. However, it is important to determine what career path you would like to take in advertising. Studying different career choices is necessary to narrow your search down to a more specific aspect of public advertising in order to tailor your education and ultimately, your job search, accordingly.

By Zoe Newf, published at 04/03/2012
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