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3 Marketing Strategies For Promotional Advertising


Marketing promotional advertising is a technique used to boost the sales of a company. Unlike traditional advertising, marketing promotional advertising aims to get a customer to buy a product now, rather than later. There are different techniques used in marketing promotional advertising, all of which work in various ways to increase sales.

Promoting a product is very important to get it noticed. It doesn't matter how good a product is if people don't know about it. A well planned promotion can greatly help a products value. There are many ways companies use marketing promotional advertising to promote their products.

Marketing promotional advertising works as a means of increasing sales through incentives such as discounts, sales or samples. This type of advertising may let a consumer try a product in hopes that he or she likes it enough to buy it. Although giving away or letting consumers test products are an expense to the company, marketing promotional advertising helps companies gain loyal customers. Companies use a number of ways to get the word out about products.

A price promotion may slash the price of the product or offer coupons. The "buy one, get one" campaign is a common used price promotion that offers more products for less of the cost. Many people love searching through coupon books to find deals. There should be a booklet or coupon distributing company in your area that can display your coupons. There will most certainly be a fee involved to create and distribute your coupons. Ask the agencies that distribute the coupons about how many people receive the coupons. If there are multiple coupon agencies, make sure you choose the one that distributes to the most people in your area and knows about marketing promotional advertising.

A premium marketing promotional advertising offers a gift with the purchase of anther product. This campaign can be applied to get the word out about a new product. Cosmetic companies will often apply this technique. By giving the consumers a product with a brand that they already use, the company hopes the customers will enjoy the new product enough to purchase it next time they come in.

Loyalty programs work by offering special discounts to those who shop at the store regularly. Some grocery stores offer a card that will give customers certain goods at lower price than those who do not have a card.

Giving away samples of your product will allow people to test your product with no risk. Giving free samples will be beneficial if you own a business like a car wash or dairy queen. A free car wash or milkshake will allow customers to see if they like your product. Chances are they'll return multiple times if they do and also tell their friends.

Give away discounts to certain people during different times of the year. Many companies offer discounts around the vacations to attract new customers. Give discounts to senior citizens or teachers because they are usually on a tight budget. They will be very appreciative of this discount and probably return multiple times. Most companies give discounts to current and former military personnel as well. This is a great gesture and will help your business's reputation.

Tips and comments

These are just a few of the ways marketing promotional advertising is used. Depending on the company and their services, a number of other promotions can be put in place.

By Zoe Newf, published at 04/05/2012
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