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The Pros And Cons Of Advertising a Business


Advertising and marketing of a business is very important in order to survive in the today’s business world. Marketing and advertising are the main ways that consumers can know about a product or service you are offering. There are different ways of advertising that are primary if you want to attract customers. But as much as they bring customers to you, each of these ways of advertising has advantages and disadvantages. Below are a more detailed review of the advantages and the disadvantages of the different advertising methods.

Different methods of Advertising and Their Pros and Cons

One of the oldest ways of advertising is the newspaper and magazine commonly known as the print media. The print publications are inexpensive and require some few basic knowledge of advertising produce a perfectly designed advert. These advertisement mainly depend on the on the readership of the publication. A small community paper is always cheaper compared to the national newspaper or magazine; this is because the national one reaches more people through out the country.

Print way of advertising has a bigger disadvantage though. This is because of a reduction in the number of readers who have turned to television and even online sites. It is considered a two dimensional method because it has no motion or sound like other methods of advertising. Print media is somewhat better because it can be sized differently and changed regularly to adjust the price and focus. Another problem is that is that there is no control over the advertisement

The newest and widely used way of advertising is the World Wide Web. This method is growing rapidly and attracting many companies to place their ad in the internet for prospective clients. This is because the internet has become accessible to many people at all the places in the world. Online advertisement reaches more people in a very short time; it is able to reach to people a well as notify them of the location of the business and what is on offer. It is cheap than any other traditional form of advertising. This is because there are no printing and distribution costs. The disadvantage of this way of advertising is that it is in the early stages of development. According to some web design library books and websites, many people seem to be loosing faith in this form of advertising because of the low click through rates and greater customer and consumer exhaustion.

Another form of advertising is the broad cast method. Television and radio remains on top for marketing a business or product. They have the largest audience compared to all the rest because most of the households around the world have a television or radio. These adverts appear on screen especially on peak hours when most people are watching their favorite programs. However one big disadvantage is that it is expensive. Production and even airing them is a big cost though the advantages are great. Changes of an advertisement are very easy but can’t be done without a production which is costly.

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