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How To Be Successful in Beauty Advertising

Published at 02/08/2012 20:36:07


Beauty advertising is a growing market today, especially with all those salons appearing that need professional marketing. The majority of passionate hairdressers and stylists would only think about opening a beauty salon, thinking that clients will appear only because they are good at what they do. In reality, this is not true. Beauty advertising means to have an extensive promotional campaign, both in the online and offline environments.

Step 1

Beauty advertising starts with the site of the company. The site must be designed in a professional manner, but it must also look good at the same time. Try to offer coupons, advice and to keep the content new at any moment. You will have guaranteed results with this method, and if you post a new article on the site every day, women will come back to read them, and this way, they will notice your new promotions and services offered.

Of course, there is also a disadvantage for the coupons method. The majority of clients would profit from this beauty advertising offer, and they won’t come back second time. This is why you will have to offer great services, so the clients would realize it is worth it to pay the full prices of the services.

Step 2

In any case, be patient. The results don’t appear instantly in beauty advertising, especially because the clientele is hard to obtain. Focus on the quality of services and make sure you have the best employees. An unsatisfied customer will never come back, while a happy one will surely come back, bringing a friend or relative also.

Try to place some flyers in the crowded areas around the saloon, but also in other points of interests. For example, a mall would be a great place for beauty advertising, as women coming there to shop for clothes and beauty accessories will also be interested about beauty services.

Step 3

Women have the patience to try different salons until they find one to suit their needs. However, just because you have managed to attract a customer does not mean that you will have that customer forever as your client. The majority of beauty salon owners think that clients are guaranteed forever. Keep the clients entertained by offering constant promotions and fidelity discounts, and this way, you will be certain that the customer has the motivation to come back.


In any case, time is an important factor in beauty advertising, so don’t despair if the results are not the expected one after one or two months of activity. Along with the professional services that must be of quality, you will need to be communicative with your clients. The beauty salon is a place where they spend two or three hours every week, and this is why women like to have somebody to talk with, a TV, and maybe some discrete music. As the owner of the salon, it is a good idea to greet your guests and to exchange a few words with them. This way, they will feel important, and some women state that they like to go to a certain saloon just because of the atmosphere, not because of exceptional services.

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