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Advertising can benefit just about anybody or anything that needs to get noticed by the intended audience. People commonly associate advertising with businesses who buy space in a newspaper or magazine, or a slot of time for television commercials. This type of advertising still exists, but businesses have gravitated towards other mediums to promote products and services. Most notable is the prevalence of ads on the Internet -- which also appear as text that occupy space on a web page or a short video that plays automatically when visitors land on the website.

Individuals are also want to use the art of advertising for personal benefit. People are quickly realizing how building a personal brand can become just a lucrative as a major corporation's brand of products. Social networking and sharing websites, such as Facebook and Youtube, allow people to advertise who they are. In the case of Youtube, Google has a program that pays producers for the number of views that the video receives from visitors. People can further monetize their personal brand on these videos by allowing corporations to place advertisements on to of the video as it is playing.

Almost anyone can use courses advertising, whether someone is a business manager or just the Average Joe wanting to monopolize on his personal imagine.

Step 1

Contact a university that you are familiar with in your state to begin finding accredited courses advertising. Most public and state colleges have a School of Business that features a Marketing program. The most common type of degree is a bachelor's in business administration with a concentration in marketing. If you already have an undergraduate degree, then look into a master's in business administration program, commonly referred to as an M.B.A.

Courses advertising is a part of the broader marketing curriculum. Advertisements are basically a tool that companies use to market their products. In fact many companies have a separate department that is called the marketing department. Alternatively, companies may hire a marketing firm that has a specialty in various types of advertising, including print and TV ads.

Step 2

Contact your local community college to find courses advertising. Many two-year colleges have pre-business program that include courses in marketing or advertising, such as an associate in business administration.

Step 3

Contact any institution of higher learning, four-year or two-year college, about continuing education courses advertising. These courses are geared towards professionals in their respective fields, who desire or are required to take courses advertising pertaining to changes or advancements in marketing. Some programs are free and others charge a single program fee that covers several courses, including courses advertising.

Step 4

Contact any institution of higher learning about online courses advertising. You simply read the textbook and course material online. You may also have video instruction and discussions with other people in your online courses advertising.

Step 5

Ask the human resources department at your employer about cross-training opportunities. Ask can you shadow or work along side marketing professionals in your organization to pick up tricks of the trade. In many cases, the best marketing professionals create Company-Based Universities that anyone inside or outside the company can participate in, including courses advertising.

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