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Information About Car Advertising

Published at 12/28/2011 20:08:09


 If you are thinking of selling your car there are many options available to you. You can either sell it privately or you can trade in. To get the best value out of the car, you can advertise it on your own without involving the dealer.  When you advertise the car yourself you will not pay any fees to a middleman or the dealer. Below are a few tips that you may need to consider when you advertise your car;


 How much is you car worth?

Find out online how much your car is valued at using different tools like the one at Kelly Blue Book. You can also look in the classifieds and see how much other people are selling the same car. Before you advertise the car make sure you have a price that you are comfortable with. Keep in mind the fact that whatever price you are going to place on your car, potential buyers are going to negotiate for a lower price.

What determines the price of the car?

Car valuers look at different things when they value your car. The value is determined by the age of the car as well as the make and model. They also look at the use of the car; for example a car that is used for private purposes will fetch a higher price than the one that is used for business purposes. Women driven cars also fetch higher prices than those being driven by men. So these are some of the thing that you will need to look at.


 Advertise your car

The most effective method of advertising your car these days is online. You can advertise the car on popular websites like Ebay, Craiglist and Autotrader. These websites attract thousands of visitors everyday. It is very easy to list your car there and upload the car image as well. The fee that you get charged for listing your car is usually very low. To keep your car at the top of search results you may need to advertise the car daily or every week until you find a buyer. There are also other websites that will not charge you any fees that you can use.

Quality images/photos

Make sure that the car images that you post online are clear and attractive. You will therefore need to use a good camera, all the car features and extras must be clear. Your description of all features must also be clear; this will include things like car radios, airbags and colours.

Tips and comments

 Advertise in your local newspaper

This is a very effective method because potential buyers will be able to come and view your car physically. The advertising fee that you pay here again is very low, so you have nothing to lose. You can also advertise in local magazines at a reasonable fee.

 Other options

If you think you can not handle the advertising yourself you can also get in touch with your local dealer and they can do the advertising for you. They will charge you a percentage in that case. There are also other options you can consider like advertising on social networking sites. Let your family and friends know that you are selling your car.