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Construction toys are an interesting thing whereby children can develop creativity even by their games and play. By this I mean that parents can develop creativity among their children by indulging them in toy construction like toy houses, pirate ships, helicopters and many more things. Formerly, merely toy blocks were used by children for toy construction purpose. Children could make a lot of things with the blocks like building, bridges, etc. but lately many other kinds of innovations have been made in construction toys; children can now have real looking construction toys and construction tools such as real like saws, hammers. Wooden planks, nails, etc.

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Regarding the toy construction, children can now construct anything they imagine with the help of these toys. The toy construction sets are considered as children’s educational sets. The most-recent kinds of construction toy sets have, altogether, changed the way children used to look at kids’ construction toys some years back. The innovative range of children’s educational toys has rekindled the interest in teaching construction toys that have for so long played second fiddle to hi-tech games.

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Some of the top tips on toy construction that can be very helpful are:

Firstly, the construction toy set should be kept out of the reach of children below the age of 36 months due to small parts causing a choking hazard. Moreover, the toys, after being sure about the quality, only with non-toxic paint on the tools and blocks should be used.

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Consider the return on investment when selecting construction toys. While some toys can be big-ticket purchases, thinking about the "cost per play" can make them the best choices when considering their versatility, play value and shelf-life within the playroom.


Adaptable and fun, blocks and bricks can help children learn and play in so many different ways using the same toy repeatedly. The toy construction with the help of these bricks can be useful teaching a child how to make and build different things from the same toy and this really and actually tickle a child's curiosity and spur creativity as they explore new and different ways to build and play.

Read instructions properly and carefully prior to giving the blocks or other real construction toys to the children and explain the child how to use the toy. While dealing with real type toy construction tools never let tips of nails or screws stick out uncovered on the other side of the material and always disassemble exposed nails and screws from material or component when not in use.

Always supervise the children while they play with construction toys and check the toys periodically for broken parts or potential hazards and get them repaired immediately or thrown away.


Since the construction toys are so small, therefore, teach the children to put their toys away, when done with playing, so that they do not get broken or that nobody trips or falls on them as falls are the most frequent kind of accident that can happen.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/28/2012
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