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Tips For Northern Ireland Car Drivers


Northern Island is the beautiful country with natural beauty and friendly people. It is the perfect holiday destination. It is the ancient city with the historic houses, buildings, coastal villages and restaurants. Many people want to discover Ireland by car driving. It is necessary that people should own a car or rent a car in Ireland.

Step 1

While driving a car, some tips will help a lot to Northern Ireland car drivers. The drivers must drive on the left side of the road and seat belts should be worn all the time. This saves from the accidents. Drinking and eating while driving is not allowed for Northern Ireland car drivers. If they do, they will be punished for breaking the laws. The speed limit should be kept in mind while driving. Northern Ireland car drivers must drive at 100mph/110kph on the motorway.

Step 2

Children less than 12 years of age must on be seated on the front seat. The horns are not allowed from 12 AM to 7 AM. It’s illegal and unsafe for the Northern Ireland car drivers to use cell phones while driving. Yellow lines on the sign boards indicate that the parking is not allowed.

Step 3

Northern Ireland car drivers must learn the controls of their cars. The map should be helpful. The road signs must be familiar by the all drivers. The drivers must check out the gas tank. In rural areas the gas station are far away from the other. The car should be parked in legal manner other wise drivers should pay the fines.

Step 4

Northern Ireland car drivers must known that Ireland is the rural areas and there must be herd of sheep and goats on the road side. So they must drive with great care. The drivers must take permission from the car rentals if they want to drive cross borders. They must hold a valid driving license that should have a validity of two years. The drivers will encounter with many road markings that will familiar with most the US and EU drivers. They must know what the road markings are all about.

Step 5

Each year many people killed or injured in accidents because they don’t wear seat belt. If the drivers and passengers will not wear seat belts they are punished with on-the-spot fine of 60 euro.

Northern Ireland car drivers must learn how to drive a car in winters driving conditions. They must reduce the speed of the car and limit the distance between the cars on front. The drivers must not achieve more than average speed of 40 mph. The road-surveillance cameras are strictly looking to the car’s speed.


Northern Ireland car drivers should always follow the maps for guidance to the new places. The best thing about driving in Ireland is to stop and talking with local peoples. Once the man knows all the tips for driving in Ireland then the driving in Ireland is wonderful experience.


Northern Ireland car drivers ensure a good satellite navigation system in their cars. Although the Ireland is not well mapped in satellite navigation systems, sometimes it gives confusing directions. The drivers must know the emergency numbers of the police to call in any emergency.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/04/2012
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