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Golf Vacations - Travel Tips, Locations And Packages

 Ironing out the details for golf vacations is a complicated business. On top of the usual travel plans, there are additional factors in play here. One has to find a course that’s good enough, and has a club or resort associated with it. There’s also the need for a package.

The best way to start is by choosing the location. Of course, it’s not easy because these days all big cities have championship level courses. It’s better to narrow down the list to one of the famous golfing capitals, and then choose from amongst them based on vacation preferences.

Let’s consider a few examples to clarify the issue. Let’s say that someone wants to enjoy some scenic mountain golfing. One of the best places to tee off with a spectacular view and fresh mountain air would be in the vicinity of the Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee, USA, where there is a heavy concentration of 18-hole championship level courses designed by the legends. Another good choice for mountain golfing is Reno or Tahoe, high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

 For some people, it is more than a game or a recreational activity – it is a religion. This type of vacationer might want to consider a pilgrimage to golf’s birthplace in St. Andrews, Scotland. The history of golfing at St. Andrews Links stretches all the way back to the 1400s. In addition to the historic tee off, travelers can also enjoy the ancient castles and cathedrals, not to mention all the fun and entertainment of a beach resort.

If this sounds appealing but distant, there are other choices along the same lines. Many coastal resorts and those on islands have wonderful courses that hug the coast and offer ocean views. The islands are more popular in this regard because it makes for better isolation from the din of a city, and there’s sand and water everywhere. Islands filled with top-notch courses can be found in the Caribbean and also in Hawaii.

Back in America, golfing also has a unique connection to the desert. There are at least three desert destinations that are very famous for golf vacations. These are Phoenix in Arizona, Palm Springs in California and Las Vegas in Nevada. The red rocks, national parks and desert backdrops with wide fairways have turned Sonoran desert golfing into a don’t-miss activity for Phoenix visitors. Locations and facilities aside, there’s also the question of what kind of package each resort is offering. Packages usually are inclusive of accommodations, green fees and carts, and some may also throw in taxes and meals. Look out for the ones that guarantee tee times.

Tips and comments:

There are obviously many aspects to be considered, including the budget and how far away the preferred location is from the traveler’s residence. It is hard to generalize these things and there are many more wonderful locations famous for golf vacations. But all the tips provided above should be enough to help travelers know what to look for.

BC golf vacations are perfect for a little family time. It includes everything such as kitchen appliances, and also offers great scenery as well. If you’re planning a vacation for this winter, remember to check golf vacation packages.

By Ahsan Bashir, published at 07/17/2011
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Golf Vacations - Travel Tips, Locations And Packages. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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