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Tips For Packaging Food For Shipping


Do you have plans to deliver food as gifts to a friend but need tips for packaging food for shipping? Whatever the occasion might be like Christmas, Hanukah, Thanksgiving, a wedding anniversary or a birthday; a personalized gift is always much better than that very common card you can buy at the bookstore. Hit the kitchen and whip up a special recipe that fits the occasion and that could be a great idea as a present. However, when that person you’re going to send the gift is miles away from you that can easily be delivered as long as you know the right ways about packaging food that avoids spoilage then that wouldn’t be a problem.

Here are some tips to keep in mind on how to package food properly for shipping:

Step 1

Packaging food: Do not send highly perishable foods


If you’re planning to send food as gifts, make sure they won’t easily spoil. Packaging food contents such as eggs, milk, soft cheese and meat can easily spoil especially under uncontrolled temperatures and airtight spaces. Foods like unfrosted cakes, cookies, brownies, strawberry jams or jams of any like, or pickles are the types that are best for shipping. Go away with baked chicken or the saucy beef stroganoff, besides the fact that it is highly perishable, its sauce can spill around inside the box, and it can have some bad presentation. It is important to know that when packaging food, you know which food to pack and how to pack it right.

Step 2

Packaging food: Use containers that won’t break easily


Plastic containers can be your best option when it comes to packaging food. If you plan to accommodate some form of liquid, it is best you avoid using glass containers because they can break easily in the shipping process. Wrap your food in foil wraps or wax paper first before placing it inside the box. Sturdy paper boxes can do the trick, but plastic containers are advisable to avoid breakage and damage.

Step 3

Packaging food: Heaviest items must be place on the lower-most part

If you plan to send more than one type of food, it is best that the heaviest item should be placed on the lowest part of the package. In packaging food, it is important that the lower part doesn’t get mushed.

Step 4

Packaging food: Mark your food right

Use waterproof markers when marking the packaging of your food. In packaging food, you have to make sure your food is safe. Waterproof markers are less toxic and avoid glues in sticking to the package.

Step 5

Packaging food: Time is important

Use the fastest form of delivery possible. Keep a note in mind that it’s not only packaging food that’s important but to preserve the flavor of the food and prevent spoilage.
So there you have it! These tips will help in packaging food easily keeping it safe and at the same time, making it convenient for you to send food miles away.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/23/2012
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Tips For Packaging Food For Shipping. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.