Cooking Healthy Foods Whole
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Cooking Healthy Foods Whole

Published at 01/27/2012 05:31:09


Cooking Healthy Foods Whole

Food is important for living, as a car cannot go on without petrol, diesel and cng similarly a body cannot go without food too. Food can be categorized in two ways one as healthy food and the other is non-healthy food. Healthy food is better for health as it keeps you out of any illness. Healthy foods whole include vegetables, fruits, nuts seeds and oil, grains, seafood, eggs and low fat dairy along with spices, herbs and spices beans and legumes. Winter, is a time when you love and enjoy baking and roasting in your kitchen with different recipes. Healthy foods whole in winter include vegetables such as carrots, cabbages, lettuce and crucifers make excellent winter choices and are healthier to eat too. Cooking oils which are good to use are those with a high smoke points and the best one to use is high oleic sunflower oil another oil to use in cooking healthy foods whole is extra virgin olive oil.


Cooking Healthy Foods Whole

In order to keep our selves healthy we do not need enzymes for cooking up healthy foods despite of the fact that enzymes help In digesting up food and help in absorbing nutrients. Now a day’s microwaves have become a common use in every house for cooking too as a matter of fact if food is cooked in microwaves it is recommended to use, non-plastic food containers only. As a general thing in order to eat and cook healthy food it is suggested by clinical laboratories not to use microwaves for cooking purpose. We are living in modern era, in which we are convinced to eat junk food which gives a perspective to the people that we are eating food which has nutrition but eventually we are not eating healthy foods whole. The food that we cook in our houses is full of health, nutrition, and proteins. While we are eating foods whole we are getting food in its right state.


Cooking Healthy Foods Whole

Found out that a high diet in fruits, vegetables whole grains are associated with a reduced risk of diseases such as:
1. Cardiovascular diseases.
2. Several types of Cancer.
3. There are two types of diabetes.
Healthy foods are full and raised with fiber, vitamins and minerals also containing photochemical the natural name for compound in plants.

Tips and comments

There are certain things which are essential for an eating in healthy foods:
• Whole grains instead of refined grains whenever it is possible.
• Instead of supplements we should eat fruits, vegetables and beans so as to provide fiber and vitamins they contain.
• A skinless chicken breast cooked with healthy ingredients instead of nuggets which are filled up with added fats, flavorings and preservatives.
• Baked potato containing chopped green onions with light sour cream, instead of a bag of sour cream along with onion potato.
Some factors that we must eat healthy foods whole are:
• Photochemical.
• Nutrient shortages.
• Good fats.
• Fiber.
• Whole Grains.
• Foods without added fats sugar, sodium.

These are all important ingredients which should be taken in food to live a healthy life.