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Jobs Food Service

Published at 02/04/2012 21:44:36


Jobs Food Service

Food service is a huge industry across the world. It is one of those industries that hire a maximum number of employees. Any company, restaurant or institution which is responsible for preparation of food, outside the home, can be called as food service or its provider. These institutions provide great jobs food service opportunity for job seekers. There are different areas of jobs food service and each of them is important in its own way. Jobs food service can earn good income to the job seekers. Today many applicants and job seekers are planning to start their career in the food service industry.

Jobs food service has different levels and opportunities. Each of the areas of food service is very much potential and contribute towards the success of this service. The jobs food service can easily be found in counter service, table service, greeting officer, chefs and as order takers. Jobs food in the counter service means the person needs to be present at the counter, deal with the people and further guide them. Counter service is usually available in fast food outlets, pubs, bars and small restaurants. Counter service is usually associated with self service. People come to counter, place their order and take it away on their own.


Jobs Food Service

Jobs food in table service comprises of presenting the menu card to the customers and performs the serving job. At times the order takers and the table service staff is same. They present the menu card, clean the tables, serve the food, bring the bill and fulfil the customer demands. They have direct interaction with the customers and enjoys good tip.


Jobs Food Service

Jobs food service as greeting officer usually involves greeting the clients at the entrance, ask them the table requirements and guide them to their respect area or table. If someone is there to see the manager or any other person at the restaurant for booking or party purpose, it is the job of greeting officers to guide them too. The people at table service are also known as servers or the waiters.

A manager in the food service industry holds a very important role. At the end of the day he is the one who is held responsible for every activity of the restaurant. This is a high pay scale job but with great responsibility. Managing the food area, keeping check on everything, managing the sales of the restaurants and develop a positive reputation of the restaurant, all are the responsibilities of the manager.


Cooking and food preparation is the most specialized area of the food service. Food is the product for which the business exists. Head cook or head chef is one of the most influential persons in the food industry. Without his consent, no food can be served. He is the one who decides the menu, supervise the whole cooking process and gives the ok signal for serving.

Every job in the food industry is of immense importance. Proper coordination between different areas and jobs is very important for survival of the business. The pay scale and tips are usually high in this industry but with responsibility.