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Published at 02/15/2012 14:44:05


Food an essential organ of our body as human body cannot survive without food the same scenario, is with a animal body too as the car engine cannot run without fuel the similar is with humans and animals. But eating a healthy and organic food is essential too. Dog food refers to the food specifically intended for the consumption of food by dogs. According to an approximation dog owners spend about $8.5 on dog food. There are certain people, who make their own dog food, feed their dog meals which they prepare out from the ingredients they buy from the grocery, healthy foods or feed their dogs on raw foods. Before people were not so familiar and well known they use to feed their dogs on meats, grains, pet foods, table scraps etc. As soon as the technology got enhanced in late 1800’s the world became familiar with the first best dog food an electrician experienced and took dogs eating up biscuits in his yard which were prepared from wheat meals, vegetables, meat which was the first dog food prepared. Around 1890 the production started and it became to be known as Spratt’s Patent Limited.

Step 1

Generally dog foods are made up from the following mentioned contents:

  1. Meat and bone meals.
  2. Offal (wild canines, they eat offal as a vital part of their diet).
  3. Cru tons by product.

Step 2

Most store bought dog food which comes in a dry form also known as kibble or wet canned form. Moisture levels in dog foods can be observed as below:

  1. Dry food containing about 6-10% moisture by volume as a comparison from 60-90% in canned food.
  2. Semi moist foods contain moisture of about 25-35%.

Step 3

Mostly pet owners refer dry foods because of their convenience and their price. Wet or canned food is significantly higher in moisture than dry dog food or semi-moist food. Canned food is generally more sterile as it is cooked during canned whereas other are not that much sterile. Wet foods are usually high in protein or fat compared to a similar kibble. Grain gluten and other protein gels maybe used in wet dog food so as to create artificial chunks and as they look and sound like real meat.

Step 4

There are certain alternative dog foods which can be mentioned as below:

  • Frozen of freeze dried: It is presented in raw or cooked (not processed form) the main idea is to quit the processing stage this will cause less destruction of nutritional integrity.
  • Dehydrated: It comes in raw or cooked form products are usually air dried in order to reduce moisture appearance is mostly similar to dry kibbles; feeding methods include adding warm water before feeding the food.
  • Fresh or refrigerated: produced through pasteurization of fresh ingredients, as the products are slightly cooked and then sealed in vacuum packages.

Step 5

Step 5

They are refrigerated until they are being served these foods products are vulnerable and half a life time of about 2-4 months.
As general phenomena there are certain things you need to check before selecting a dog food which is listed and mentioned as:

  1. Meat as first ingredient.
  2. Good carbohydrates.
  3. Specific fat sources.
  4. By products.


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