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How To Select a Food Basket Gift


When the occasion is particularly significant, a food basket gift is always a big hit. Filled with savory or sweet delicacies and packaged with exquisite style, the gift appeals to the eyes as well as the taste buds. Ordering the perfect food basket gift can be a challenge, though. So many options are available that you may get overwhelmed. The convenience of having a gift made by someone else and delivered directly to the recipient is worth taking a few moments to review the offerings and make a wise choice.


Long ago, neighbors welcomed newcomers to the neighborhood with a basket filled with homemade goodies. Groups held box lunch socials and holidays were celebrated with hand-packed food basket gifts. The modern version of these old-fashioned favorites are more likely to contain exotic fruit, hand-dipped chocolates, fine wines and gourmet delicacies. Fast delivery services can get the gift into the recipients hands within a couple days or even overnight. While many companies offer multiple food gift basket selections, the final choice of what will please your giftee the most is up to you. View the options from several vendors, then narrow down your favorites to a short list. Chances are you will make note of food gift basket options to send to other friends and colleagues for future big events in their lives.


A food gift basket may be very personal, intended for just one person to enjoy. If you are close to the gift recipient and know his or her tastes, make your choice based on what you think they will enjoy the most. A basket of homestyle cookies may be sufficient to relay your message of greetings and congratulations. For a milestone birthday or anniversary, go the extra mile and order a basket that includes a bottle of wine, artisan cheeses, crackers and spreads with international flair.

Often a food gift basket is intended to be shared with the recipient's family, roommates or other people in the office. If you know that the gift will be open a shared publicly, select a style that appeals to the varied tastes in a larger group. A basket with mixed nuts, a variety of candies, chips and fruit will be popular and quickly consumed. For a family, you may consider a food gift basket that includes all the ingredients to make an authentic Italian-style meal or snacks to munch on during movie night at home.

Holiday food gift baskets are a thoughtful way to share the seasonal joy, even if you can't be with the recipient in person. Classic Christmas baskets may include everything from traditional candy canes to decorative tins of nuts, pretzels and fresh fruit from warmer climates. Other holidays are ideal for basket-giving, as well. Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies and egg-shaped cookies delight families with children. A traditional Thanksgiving food gift basket is a reminder of gratitude and warm wishes.

Tips and comments

Place your order for a food gift basket a week or two in advance of the required delivery date. Occasionally the vendor may run low on stock and need to make a substitution. With plenty of advance notice, you will have the opportunity to approve the change or order a different type of basket.

By Donelda Hartz, published at 03/01/2012
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