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No matter what part of the world you live in, the one thing in common between you and the people around the globe is the love for food and drink. Visit any tourism website online and one of the first things they will tell you about is the great places to eat in that city or country. To satisfy this love for food and drink people have gone to great extents for example dedicating the whole of their lives to it and making it a profession. They treat people with such delicacies that they will remember for the rest of their lives. So much so that many television channels have dedicated themselves to only this purpose. They teach you about exotic dishes from all around the world that it will makes the viewers mouth water. Apart from that, you can even see many televised competitions where the contestants compete for the title of the best chef in the country. Because of this exposure the food and drink industry has really grown in past couple of years.


Since the beginning of time, food and drink have been the primitive need of humans and animals alike. With time, this developed into something more as humans were always in search of something better. If you are always looking for something different then you might want to try cuisines other than your local ones. Some of the cuisines that have really gained popularity are Chinese, Italian, Indian and Mexican. Italians are famous for their Pizza, Pastas and Lasagna. These are one of the dishes that have redefined the way people see food. Now pizza places can be found in every nook and corner, all of them with their own versions of pizzas and the conventional pizza recipe can only be perhaps found in Italy alone.


The Indians are famous for their Tandoori Chicken, Haleem, Nihari and also for the fact that there is a lot of use of spices. Not only do the Indians love it but even people from other cultures love their food although many of them won’t be able to eat them as they are a bit too spicy for their standards. Other cuisines like Chinese and Mexican are also famous for their respective dishes. The Chinese are probably the only people in the world that eat things like Lizards and Cockroaches and it is somewhat of a delicacy for them. Apart from that se food is very famous as well. People enjoy eating prawns, fish and octopus, not only because they are delicious but also because they are very good for your health. As the new trend is towards weight consciousness, many people watch what they eat and that is probably the reason why the love for seafood has grown so suddenly over the past few years.

Tips and comments

Food and Drink is a big industry which generates millions of dollars every year worldwide. Although these delicious food and drink items might satisfy our taste buds, keep in mind that not every one of them is healthy. Many of these foods are fattening and can result in a lot of health problems.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/04/2012
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