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The Best Food Drink Combinations For a Catering Menu


Each event is different, so every food drink combination in a catering menu has to be special in its own way. The food drink combination should charm all the guest's senses: visual, olfactory and gustative. Catering has to be an event at which you should have the best dishes, properly mixed and with drinks that make the food even more delicious.


If you want to start a business in catering, there are few things you should know, that will help you chose the best food drink combination possible, so that your clients ask for you the next time they are in need of a catering service. There are 6 main types of catering. The most common one is catering for events. At this sort of event, they are usually 100-600 guests and your client will ask for something big and expensive. You should go with 6 kinds of appetizers, 8 different snacks; the warm meal must have 6 plates, the main dish has to contain 6 types of food and 6 different plates at dessert. Obviously, you probably know that a very important thing at these kinds of events is the food drink combination. That is why at least 12 kinds of drinks should be on the table, when you cater a big event.


There are lots of catering firms that cater for companies, bringing them the food drink combination they like, at home or at work. The ‘rule’ that you should imply if you want your company to deliver is that the societies that asks for this kind of service should have at least 7-9 persons who will order. It is no use in organizing a meal just for one or two persons.

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Another type of catering is the one for other restaurants or cafes, Spa centers or beauty saloons can hire you to handle the food drink situation at an event. They want what is best for their special occasions, and if you are prepared for it, you can offer a unique food drink combination. There can also be a situation where you are asked to cater, for example a sports event, in open air. They usually ask for something to give the people energy and of course, from the food drink delivery, you should remove the drinks and take them only water or soda. When you cater a special event in someone’s life it can be a bit difficult. You will see that, for a couple, for example, one of them will want something and the other a totally different thing. And when it comes to the family, they almost never want to turn to a catering firm. You should be patient and try to put a little something in the menu that will cover everyone’s wish. Being a caterer is not an easy job. You must be sure to have the best cooks and to know everything about people, how to organize an event and, most of all, what are the best food drink combinations.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/12/2012
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The Best Food Drink Combinations For a Catering Menu. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.