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How To Pick a Wine Food Will Taste Best With


The wine can be an excellent accompaniment for a delicious meal, so it is good to experiment until you find the best wine food will taste amazing with.

Step 1

Why is the wine food choosing so important? Well, the wine has become a very important part in a meal (especially at dinner), not just because it tastes good, but because, it is also very healthy, in moderate quantities. But, the best part is that with a wine food will always taste better (with the right one, of course).

Step 2

It cleans the palate and makes certain tastes clearer, while it blurs the ones that are too salty or bitter. Actually, wine can be used just like any other spice.

Step 3

Why is it important to choose the perfect wine food combination? Even if the wine can improve the taste of an aliment it can also alter it, making it too bitter or too sweet. Some people dedicate their whole life in studying the wine food art.

Step 4

They manage finding the perfect combination, by considering the types of grapes from which the wine is made, the place where they were hold, the age of the wine and other factors. However, you do not have to study all those years for making the perfect wine food decision.

Step 5

The most important factors in the wine food combination are: the consistence, the flavor and the amount of alcohol. A wine that has a strong taste must be associated with aliments with powerful flavors, otherwise, you risk to have the wine ‘cover’ the taste of the food.


The sweet wines go very well with desserts or main dishes with a sweet flavor, while the wines more acid or dry are good to be drunk with spicy sauces and salty meals. The bitter wines are best with the aliments more sour. Also, it is a good idea to make sure that the wine’s flavor is a bit stronger then that of the food. Otherwise, the wine will seem too sour.

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Usually, the less alcohol a wine has, the more appropriate is to serve it at dinner. Generally, it is best to associate the wine with a food that has the same characteristics. And that is the same with the color of the wine food. If an aliment is white, so should the wine be.

As a final advice in the wine food art, I am telling you never to be afraid to experiment, even if those tastes wouldn’t go together well. There is no such a thing as a rule of picking a wine, so do not be afraid to try anything that comes into your mind. It is also important to talk about your guests before deciding what wine to chose. Even you know that the best choice will be a red wine, do not buy it, if your friend only drink white one. You should know that strange combination can often lead to extraordinary results and that is why, once again I say: do not be afraid to do experiments.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/12/2012
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