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What We Should Know About Lion Food


Lion Food or Food Lion, as it is famously known, is a brand that most people trust. This brand provides the customers with the best quality food. You always get varieties of dishes at each and every outlet of Lion Food at a reasonable rate. The clients can have anything at their store, starting from the orange juice to the pasta sauce. All of the items available in the food lion store go through the quality reassurance test in order to give you the complete satisfaction, or else your total money will be refunded.


Food Lion  was established in Salisbury, North Carolina, in the year 1957. The founders of this brand store were three people: Ralph Ketner, Brown Ketner and Wilson Smith. But, at that time the name was Food Town. After that the grocer Delhaize who was based in Belgium purchased the Food Town Company. After several years of this affair, the name was changed to Food Lion in the year 1983.  

Despite this alteration of the name that puzzled the customers, it proved to be cost-effective as well as adding the historical sense of Delhaize. The Belgian company, which was formerly known as "Delhaize Le Lion," was able to rename its new American counterpart by just modifying the two letters of the Food Town brand. All through the 1980s, Food Lion extended all over the Mid-Atlantic as well as the Southeastern United States and became very successful when a lot of supermarkets were not able to do the same. The quality, variety and, moreover, the pric,e were the three reasons behind its super popularity in each and every city and town.


  • The stores of Lion food have many important characteristics, which have helped the store to be a famous one.
  • The brand maintains its standard costs and the qualities of the food with the help of many advanced technological and functional efficiencies such as innovative design of the warehouses, properly managing the format of a standard store, lots of energy-efficient benefits and synchronization of the data with the suppliers in a particular and advanced method.
  • Food Lion offers nationally as well as regionally promoted brands and also private branded products that are prepared and packaged by this chain of stores.
  • The special dishes of this brand are composed of simple, mouthwatering and healthy foods. They also offer organic, naturally flavored and tasty products that just need heating and eating.
  • All of the items are manufactured in a clean, hygienic and protected environment that has been inspected.
  • The aim of the Food Lion brand is to improve daily in each and every area of their manufacturing. For that, they employ only highly trained people and thoroughly supervise everything.

Tips and comments

This brand uses modern equipment which are installed in their plants so that they provide the customers with the top quality of food and beverages. Food Lion offers different kinds of foods for children as well.

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