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Super Saver Food is a chain of grocery stores run by B & R Stores with its headquarters in Nebraska. Super Saver Food stores offer customers a unique experience by offering high quality groceries for only a fraction of the price compared to other established brands. To get the most out of saver food stores you will need some tips. Here are a few:

Step 1

Like any type of shopping, have a budget. More importantly, stick to it. Impulse buying will only result in you overspending. Overspending by 10 dollars might seem negligible, but once you factor in the cost after several trips to Super Saver Food stores, you may find that it amounts to a lot of money in the end.

Step 2

When shopping in Super Saver Food stores, it would make a lot of sense to sign up for any available loyalty programs. These programs are meant to ensure consistent business for the stores but also work to your advantage. Signing up for these programs may lead to discounted prices for members, and you will end up saving a lot of money.

Step 3

Shopping in Super Saver Food stores without your kids will be of great advantage to you. Kids can be of great help, but toddlers can be a handful. They are not very patient and it is recommended that you take your time when shopping.

Step 4

Coupons are of great value at saver food stores. Accumulate them over time and you will not always have to pay for your groceries at full price. Super Saver Food coupons guarantee reduced prices for their users.

Step 5

Making a grocery list before doing your shopping in saver food stores is recommended. If you have a list, you will not have to spend half of your time in the store trying to figure out what you did or did not pick up. A list will also prevent you from picking up unnecessary items regardless of their very attractive prices.


When shopping in a Super Saver Food store, bring a calculator with you. Although it light look ridiculous to at first, it will be of great use. Because you have a budget and want to stick to it, doing the math as you pick up items will be very helpful.

Take your time when shopping in Super Saver Food stores. This will help you shop better and reduce the need to rush into picking up groceries without even considering their prices. When you have enough time, you will be able to compare the prices of different brands and thus getting the best quality for the least money.

Sources and Citations

Buying generic products from Super Saver Food stores as compared to named brands will save you a lot of money. Generics are very similar in quality to their name brand counterparts but a lot cheaper.

Shop on a full stomach. This might sound far-fetched, but taking a meal before shopping in Super Saver Food stores will keep you focused on what you came to buy. The smell of groceries will send an empty stomach rumbling and will entice you into buying to satisfy your stomach.

By samque, published at 03/12/2012
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