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A single word that has the power to make your mouth water, to make you forget everything else in the world except its existence and to make you fall in love with it over and over again is “food”. Since the beginning of mankind, man has been in search of more and better that foods. Dining like the royals has always been its dream. This search of his led him to even nook and corner of the world and even things like lizards and cockroaches became a delicacy. Now you can see many cookery channels on television which treat your eyes to heavenly that foods throughout the whole day. This very love of man led him to develop this as a professional. With universities having proper degrees which train you to be professional chefs, this love has really intensified over the last couple of centuries. To satisfy their love for food many television channels hold their cookery competition where the winner holds the prestigious award of being the best chef in the country.


Over the years many cuisines have gained popularity and people all around the world visit their native countries just to try their original versions. Cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Indian, American and Spanish are famous all around the world for their food. This has led to many people trying to imitate that foods but of course many of them fail to replicate the original recipe. A great example for this is the recent upsurge in Pizza Parlors. You can find them in every nook and corner of the city, each of them running them with their own versions of that foods. Of course, the original recipe of Italy is much better but many people may differ on this point. Everyone has their own perceptions and preferences and many people have adjusted to their local taste of pizza. They might not like the original version if given to eat.


The Italians are not just famous for their Pizzas but also for their stakes, spaghettis and pastas. They are supposed to be the pioneers of such amazing that foods and this is where other cuisines incorporated them in their menus. Chinese are famous for their Chicken Manchurian, Egg fried rice and hot and sour chicken. The use of soya sauce and white sauce is abundant in their food. They are also a big fan of sea food. For weight conscious people this is a great option as not only does sea food have very less calories but it is great for your health as well. The studies have shown that people who eat seafood once a week have lesser chances of suffering from heart diseases.

Tips and comments

Food is addictive and many a times we end up over eating just because we cannot stop ourselves from trying out our favorite dishes. However make sure to exercise on a regular basis as it would reduce the risk of obesity and will save you from a lot health problems which you might get because of that foods.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/13/2012
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