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If you are planning to open a restaurant and you want to impress your customers with foods that will make them want to come again, then you will have to follow some steps that are not too hard.

Step 1

First, always make sure that the foods that you are serving are always made from fresh meat or vegetables, this way you will also have the certainty that your food is not altered in any way, and it will also give the food a better flavor than the foods that are made of deposited or frozen vegetables or meat. The freshest vegetables, fish or meat can be in most cases found at the local market so it is the place to start from.

Step 2

Secondly, foods that are very well prepared will have a great taste, so it is a must for you to hire a good chief that knows all about cooking for your restaurant. This will not come cheap but it will be a good investment over the years.

Step 3

If you want to serve foods that are from a certain culture, it is wise to know that only a chef from that region will actually know how to cook those types of foods, so you might have a small problem finding a French chef if for example you want to open a French restaurant.

Step 4

Foods that are very well presented on a plate could also give your place a plus, and ensure the comeback of your first clients, so try to make the food look as good as you can when you serve it to the customers.

Step 5

When opening a new restaurant, you can serve people with foods that are the specialty of the house. This means that you can ad up any ingredients that you want to an existing food, practically creating a new type of food, that might last through the years if of course will be appreciated.


You will have to be very careful when you decide to open your own restaurant and try to identify the people’s needs. For that there are certified market studies that will show you if it is a good business to open a vegetarian restaurant or a place that serves a lot of meat.
At first, you should keep it simple, meaning you shouldn’t start cooking complicated foods from the very beginning, in order for your customers to accommodate with your place. After that, you can start experiencing new foods that may or may not attract more clients.

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You can serve foods that will attract meat lovers, vegetarians, or even fish lovers, but whatever the type of food you will want to serve in your restaurant, you have to remember that the food must always be fresh, well cooked and to look great on a plate. With these weapons you will surely have a lot of success with your business and your place could become so famous that you might even think to open another one, or maybe more restaurants in your city.

By Toma Mircea, published at 03/19/2012
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