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Raw food, like fruits and vegetables are highly indicated for human consumption because they have many proteins and vitamins necessary for an equilibrated raw food lifestyle. It’s not indicated to consume irritants or stimulants like coffee, alcohol, and tobacco. Also nuts and seeds are the ideal food for human consumption. You should avoid heated fats and proteins like fried oils and roasted nuts, as they are carcinogenic. Completely avoid the harmful animal proteins meat, dairy and eggs. Many people are talking about changing their eating habits. If you eat healthy, you will be healthy.

Step 1

1. If you take your raw food meal constantly about every day, you should not have any health problems in the future. Of course, you can’t just eat raw food all the time; that's why you also need vitamins from meat or fish. The key to a healthy life isn’t just eating raw food. It is highly indicated to expose you to the sun and take some fresh air and practice a sport because most of the problems appear from arteries clogged with fat. Of course, raw food can definitely help you to lose weight, but you must be cautious because excess of taking the same meal of raw food every day can drive your body and mind to an unhealthy state.

Step 2

2. On the other hand, if you are an athlete or a performing sportiest, you should take care about your health more like others. The human body needs calories to transform them into energy, which is needed the most if we talk about sports.

Step 3

3. After the effort, we also need to eat something because we need to recover our energy and take a rest in a horizontal position. Many people eat apples, bananas or grapes to give them energy. There are hundreds of thousands of fruits according to conservative estimates, many of them are in the raw food category and are indicated for human consumption forwarding to a healthy life.

Step 4

4. Headaches, colds, low energy, and even diseases are caused by poor food and lifestyle habits.

The body can clean up the trash we put in it, but only if you give it the chance to get some fresh raw food. On the other hand, his human body does not naturally have an offensive odor. We only start to smell when you consume harmful things. The body detoxifies through the skin, and disgusting smells are the result.

Step 5

5. If you need to put deodorant on, that means something isn’t right with your body. A few months on a raw food diet and your sweat will not smell like before. Sports, fresh food and air help us to have a happy life and a promising future. An ill person isn’t like a healthy one; it loses courage and the will to jump over the obstacles of life. Our negative emotions don’t help any of our family members.


Consumption of raw food will help you to avoid this unwanted situations and give your life a happy smile. So be sure that you are choosing to consume the best products.

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By Bob Meadow, published at 03/29/2012
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