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Ideas For Party Food For Children


The hardest people to please at parties have to be children. This is because it is near impossible to find stuff that universally pleases children. They are highly temperamental and very much undecided. Kids should not be treated like adults. During the party, kids give much more priority to playing games and having fun. This is why the party food menu needs to be something which manages to attract the attention of kids away from their games. 

Step 1

First, you need to figure out what age of kids will be attending the party. There can be significant variation in kids choice when it comes to party food. This is majorly dependent on the age of the kids. Younger kids would like more flashy and sweet stuff and older kids would settle for more subtle food. Also with age, the priorities of kids might change.

Step 2

You need to do some good planning. Determine the time of the day at which the party would be held. If the party is meant to be held during mid-day or after noon then it will be sensible for you to prepare snacks. The quantity of the party food would be dependent on how much the kids usually eat at his time of the day. One more thing to keep in mind during the planning stage is that there might be some kids who have food allergies. You should consult with their parents.

Step 3

You should prepare all the party food in advance. On the day of the party you would have other things to worry about rather than cooking food. The whole arrangements and organization are done on that day. So there would be hardly any time to allocate for cooking. if you cook in a short span of time there are increased chances that you might make mistakes and mess up the dishes. With kids, this is the last thing you want.

Step 4

You need to decide that what type of party food you would be serving. Your first source of knowledge in this regard should be your child. Ask him/her that what type of food is preferred by friends. Also the food can also be dictated by the theme of the party. If the party that you're throwing has a theme then you should make food according that.

Step 5

Finally, during the party you need to be an effective manager. You must make sure that kids are in control and when the party food is served, they actually sit down and eat. Non-liquid foods are much easier to handle and create less of a mess in case of spills.

Tips and comments

This is a basic guide as to what you should do when it comes to party food. A lot is dependent on what type of cook you are and what your level of skill is. It's best not to complicate things and keep the menu simple and basic.

By Amara, published at 03/28/2012
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Ideas For Party Food For Children. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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