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What Kind Of Small Food Is Good For You?


Nowadays, with obesity on the rise and healthier food options gaining popularity the concept of small food has gained precedence. It basically comprises of small bite sized portions of food that can be consumed and of course digested with great, but that doesn’t necessarily entail that they’re healthy options. Restaurants provide these food items in abundance, especially of buffets and brunches, just so people can get a taste and not over consume. There are mixed views regarding small food, but if it’s healthy, then it’s the way to go.



The concept of fine dining wasn’t the craze previously. People just went to fast-food outlets and bought themselves a meal to fulfill their appetite. Moreover, if guests visited there was a trend of feeding them huge portions of food to keep them happy. However, ever since the fine dining and cooking concept became the talk of the town because cooking shows, small foods became popular too. People became more interested in innovative ways of cooking and presenting food. Fine dining and other related concepts entailed that small food was given meticulous attention by food lovers and experts alike.



Many people confuse appetizers for small food. However, that is an incorrect assumption, anything that is an appetizer can’t be regarded as a small food, because they can include salads, burgers and even chips. Small food is a very small bite sized portion of any food one might consume and has only special varieties. The structure of small food depends; the smallest food is found in bite-sized pieces of toast, pita bread or tortillas. The layering on top can consist of vegetables, sauces, meat, cheese and even lentils in some cases. Sometimes toast is excluded and just fired pieces of meat are created. The most expensive and exclusive variety is caviar that is fish eggs on pieces of toast. Thin and healthy people can eat almost any type of small food, whether healthy or unhealthy. The underlying reason regarding this statement is that they manage to get away with eating oily and fattening foods. Therefore, good choices for them would be fried cheese on toast, parmesan crisps, deep fried squid, fish or any other meat bites. For people who’re either unwell or obese, they need to control their weight and must lay off fattening small food options. Permitted options for them are vegetables, hummus and sea food on toast and other forms of bread. Usually dips are provided alongside. Famous dips consist of hummus, yogurt, mayonnaise, thousand island sauce and ketchup. Most are unhealthy options and those looking eat healthy and consume nutritional food should not consume them, other than the viable options' hummus and yogurt.

Tips and comments

People looking forward to reducing weight even substitute their main course with just these small bites. And some even find them so scrumptious that they eat them endlessly and are full by the time food arrives. Usually restaurants offer a wide variety of small food, to fit anyone’s preferences, but they can even be made at home. If people have guests arriving, they can surely make them delicious small food by looking up recipes online. However, it’s essential to feed them, so look into their preferences as well.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/26/2012
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