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Food is a basic necessity of humans in order to perform daily tasks. Although in previous studies, an average man can withhold two weeks without food. In regards to strength, without food intake, the ability of the body to function properly is at risk. Today, food has become a major problem in certain countries of the world. Some consumes unhealthy food causing malnutrition. Other food such poultry meats and fish are already contaminated with toxins. With that, food science is developed for researchers to determine various mechanisms involving food production, food processing and nutrient content of every consumable product. Food science in particular is a discipline that explains everything related to food from chemical processes to mechanical processing. What is the concept behind food science? 


Food has been consumed even in beginning of human life. Long before the age of civilization, fruits and vegetables are their main course. As the age of civilization occurs, various environmental changes had occurred. These changes affected various human activities from lifestyle to health. Most nutrients in foods diminished and instant products became popular. This is inevitable, as the battle for human survival toughens. However, some scientists and researchers believed that through science it is possible to regain the former contents and benefits obtained from food. Thus the science of food began. Food science has been applied since the 19th century. However, the practice and discipline involving food as a science only began in the 1950’s. In 1952, the National College of Food Technology was created along food science courses in four universities in United Kingdom. In the 1960’s, food scientists begun their period of influence and advocate for food as a science. As of today, one may observe that numerous methods and procedures are disseminated to ensure that the food you eat is healthy, safe and consumable. That is because food science was recognized and applied in the society.


What is food science all about? Basically, the whole concept of this discipline is to improve the quality of food. They develop various methods to determine microbial count in every meat you purchase. From there, they also shared their discoveries in food preparation and proper handling of food. Food processing is also under this discipline. They aim to provide proper nutrients for individuals who have hectic schedules. Thus, a lot of preserved foods were out in the market. Through this, numerous dietary supplements arise and various products that promote health were presented. Food science is also involved in agriculture. Most researchers believe that with the proper cultivation process, food inadequacy will be solved. Overall, the science of food is a discipline that involves chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, microbiology and many more. If one incorporates their knowledge in these subjects to food, nutrients from food will be well utilized. Aside from that food problems would be solved.

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Food science is not only of the intelligent people. Science is all about obtaining knowledge and understanding. Everyone can learn and apply the science of food to their daily routine to bring forth a healthy body. Always keep in mind that food is a basic necessity in life, don’t take food for granted. This is because not all are privilege enough to consume the right amount of food that is considered as fit for consumption.

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