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Food beverage is the drink or liquid which is for the consumption of human beings. Drinks are the part of the human society’s culture. Food beverages include water, alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, fruit juices and hot drinks etc. All food beverages contain water in them. Water is not considered to be the class of food beverage but still it is part of all the beverages. Food beverage is not referred to the water. There are also some alcoholic beverages in the food beverages. Alcoholic beverages contain the ethanol in it. Alcohol means many other compounds in the chemistry subject but here there is only one substance in the alcohol. Beer is considered to be the food beverage which is been the culture of human from many years.


Human beings are being addicted to the beer for 8000 years. It is also a tradition to drink the food beverages like alcohol in the bars and pubs. There are some of the non-alcoholic beverages which are used by majority of the people. Non Alcoholic drinks include very little quantity or no quantity of alcohol. It depends on the place and location. Some of them add alcohol or some add no alcohol. Non alcoholic drinks include low-alcohol beer, apple ciber and non-alcoholic wine. Soft drinks are also the food beverages which contain no alcohol in it. There is no percentage of alcohol in it.


Drink is considered to be the neutral term as it contains alcoholic contents. There are some food beverages like soda pop, fruit punch, root beer, sparkling water, iced tea and lemonade. There are some of the drinks which are counted in the soft drinks but they are not actually the soft drinks; like milk, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, milk shakes, and tap water. There are also some of the carbonated soft drinks which include the sugar substitute. Fruit Juice is also considered to be the food beverage and they are the natural products as they contain no additives. There are some of the breakfast drinks like orange juice and tangerine. There are also some common drinks like pineapple, apple, grape, lime, grapefruit juice and lemon juice. There is also a nutritious juice like coconut water. It is very refreshing as well. Juices of berry are also very common like raspberry, blackberry and the currants. The most consumed juices are the coconut water and the orange juices.

Tips and comments

There are some of the fruits which need to add some water in them; as they are very acidic. There are are also some of the hot drinks like coffee based beverages (it include cappuccino, coffee, espresso, frappe, flavored coffees, latte), hot chocolate, horlicks, hot cider, tea based beverages (it include flavored teas, green tea, pearl milk tea and tea), herbal teas and roasted grain beverages. There are some of the substances which are food or the drink which can be eaten or drunk. It all depends on the thickness and the solutes of the beverage. They include buttermilk, soup and yogurt.

By Ali Javed, published at 03/31/2012
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