List Of Organic Food That Assist in Health Development
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List Of Organic Food That Assist in Health Development

Published at 01/25/2012 10:04:41


List Of Organic Food That Assist in Health Development

Nature has provided cure and remedy for everything, you just need to find it out. An organic food is one of nature’s gifts for humans. There is nothing artificial nor there any use of chemical in organic food. Everything from a simple seed to the actual fruit, all is natural, without the addition of any preservative or unnatural stuff.


List Of Organic Food That Assist in Health Development

For having a healthy brain and lifestyle, it is recommended to eat organic food. Vitamin A and C, vitamin necessary for human health can be acquired through organic food. Mangoes, oranges, broccoli, lemon, tomatoes and peppers are great sources for obtaining these vitamins. Use of these vegetables, improves the memory power and keeps the arteries functioning well. Vitamin E is also very important for blood circulation of the human body and for proper functioning of the brain. This can be obtained through avocados and sprouted grains.



List Of Organic Food That Assist in Health Development

To avoid strokes and low or high blood circulation, organic food which is full of fatty acids should be taken. Almond, peanuts, walnut and every other type of nut contains these fatty acids and can be taken for prevention of mentioned disease. These nuts and dry fruits also help with mood lifting and overcoming depression and frustration. They can be called as natural antidepressants.

Folic acid, an acid required for proper functioning of liver and over all nervous systems, can be obtained from lentils and green vegetables. Lettuce, beans and sunflower seeds are rich in folic acid. Folic acid is the cure for mouth sores also. Another organic food which is good for health is spinach. Spinach is full of iron and folic acid and its use results in stronger bones.


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Pimples, acne and smelly sweat are after effects of having toxic chemicals in the human body. Small red bean, cranberry, apple, cherry, strawberries, Pecan, dried prunes and plum are some of the organic foods that are filled with antioxidants. Water, another gift of nature, is an antioxidant too. Proper consumption of water results in shiny and healthy skin.

Olive oil is best for people with high cholesterol and heart disease. People having these problems should stop using regular oil and replace it with olive oil. Olive oil is an organic food with a tendency to reduce cholesterol level and keeps the heart functioning well.

One of the organic and very delicious foods that work as antidepressants is dark chocolate. Don’t be surprised. There is a great misconception about the side effects of the dark chocolate. In actual, an organic dark chocolate, with 75% cocoa as its main ingredient is very good for health. True dark chocolates release dopamine which works as anti depressant and enhance the thinking process.

Including fiber in your daily diet can improve the digestion and excretion system. Due to their lifestyle, many people are victim of constipation. Having full fiber food can prevent people from constipation and stimulates the bowel regulation. Wheat is the greatest source of fiber. Papaya and Apple is also a remedy against fiber. As they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple increases the immunity in the human body, which works as a protective shield against disease.

Sweet potatoes, potato, baby corn, spring onion, cucumber, papaya, bananas, bitter root, and so on, are types of organic food, extremely good for health conscious people. They are recommended for people who are on a diet. They help in maintaining the sugar level in the human body and clean the blood. Try consuming every food gifted by nature. Eat healthy, stay healthy.


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