How To Make Food With Low Calories
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How To Make Food With Low Calories

Published at 01/26/2012 22:55:58


How To Make Food With Low Calories

Taste buds are difficult to satisfy. Somehow they start acting weird while we go on a diet. They resist towards the diet food and want to have food with strong taste; this type of food is usually high in calories. If we eat boiled vegetables, the stomach and taste buds keep asking for more. In order to satisfy these monsters, we should make food which is delicious in taste and low in calories.


Step 1

Use of olive oil
Olive oil is a great natural resource for having low cholesterol oil. It is suggested to make food in olive oil. Olive oil is good for people with high cholesterol and heart diseases. If we make food in olive oil, we are actually making a low calorie food which tastes good. Because boil or food with oil doesn’t taste good. But with the addition of olive oil it can taste and smell really good.

Step 2

Use of fresh ingredients
A food prepared with fresh ingredient always tastes good as compare to frozen or old ingredients. Make food with fresh ingredients so that you will feel fresh while eating it. Use of fresh lime, garlic, coriander, ginger, chilies, capsicum, spring onion, tomatoes etc. gives food a brilliant taste. Besides that, try to make food using fresh fruits too. Fresh fruits and their juices are low calorie and helps in digestion of food. They keep the stomach fill and satisfy the taste buds.

Step 3

Try toasting, baking and stir frying
Lots of food calories are burned while toasting and baking. Make food which involves toasting or baking of its ingredients. Like the use of baked vegetables in vegetable curry. Fish tastes really yummy if baked. Steam chicken or chicken baked in an oven or grilled chicken can be the option too. These all contains low calories in them. If having a bread, toast it as it reduces the calories in bread. Make food with stir fry. You can stir fry vegetables in olive oil, this taste really good.

Step 4

Use of fat free low calorie products
With the emerging trend of diet consciousness, many companies make food or food ingredients which are low in calorie and good in health. They taste good too. For example, have fat free, flavored yoghurt. Use of cheese can be tempting and it gives good taste to the food. Make food with low fat or fat free cheese. Prepare food in cheese sauce or use cheese in your diet sandwich. Brown is another product for which we should be thankful to Mother Nature. Rice is a big NO while dieting and most of us are really fond of rice. The temptation of rice can be satisfied by using brown rice. Many companies have launched brown rice in packing and it is easily available.

Step 5

Chinese Style cooking
Chinese people are usually slim and smart. Their diet plays a vital role in keeping them fit. Try following Chinese recipes which are low in calories, good in taste and good in looks. Another thing that Chinese people follow is to have green tea after their meal. Green tea is an excellent antioxidant, a fat burner which increases the metabolic rate and burns the calories.

How To Make Food With Low Calories

All these tips are very easy to follow. But you have to stay stick to them. Try to consume more and more water as water occupies good space in the stomach, it will not allow you to consume more food and you will feel content. Try to control your nose too, as when nose smells, the temptation for food increases.

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