Frozen Food - Pros And Cons
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Frozen Food - Pros And Cons

Published at 01/26/2012 23:26:40


Frozen Food - Pros And Cons

Frozen food is becoming popular day by day. From children to their elders, many people are fond of having frozen food. Fried fish, nuggets, vegetables, fish fillets, burgers, shakes and fruits are few of the most popular frozen food categories. The main reason behind its popularity is that you don't have to wait much to eat or cook frozen food. Just defrost it and it is ready for consumption. But like everything, frozen food has it's pros and cons.

Pros of frozen food

Frozen Food - Pros And Cons

• It is less time consuming. Keeping in mind today’s busy lifestyle, frozen food are considered as blessing as they are fast to cook and good to eat.
• Frozen food doesn’t create much of a mess. Cooking or defrosting this food is a cleaner process.
• It is good to serve to unexpected guests and good for fulfilling unexpected hunger.
• Frozen shakes and cakes are quick desserts.
• Different typea of food can be enjoyed throughout the year.
• With frozen food, there are very less chances of bacteria and microorganisms that may result in food poisoning.
• Frozen food is easy to store; due to the packaging, they occupy less space.
• It offers flexibility in choosing a meal.
• It costs less than fresh food.
• Frozen food saves time which is consumed while visiting to grocery store for buying fresh food and ingredients.
• Additional nutrition, as mentioned on the packaging.


Cons of frozen food

Frozen Food - Pros And Cons

• Before freezing, the food has to go through processing. During the processing, many of the food items loses there nutrition value and water soluble nutrients.
• The use of preservatives, chemicals and salt for keeping them fresh and in the desired condition for a long time.
• There are frozen foods which are very much spicy, that not good for health.
• Frozen food may cause ulcers, inflammation in the stomach, allergies and more.
• No matter how fresh people may claim frozen food to be, it cannot beat the fresh food.
• Frozen food claiming extra calcium in them which makes bones strong is added in powdered/chalk form. This is a bulking agent and may cause an increase in weight.
• Vitamin C and other minerals are artificially added to the food, that doesn’t make frozen food 100% fresh and original.
• Many fruits and vegetables lose their actual shape and quality and become soft. They lose their crispiness and taste is also changed.
• Frozen food, during its processing emits out large amount of vitamin B and C, thus sufferring nutrition loss.

Tips and comments

After going through the pros and cons of everything, it would be up to us to decide if we should go for this particular thing or not. Frozen food is not fully bad but at the same time, it is not fully good. Everything which is taken in consideration is fine and not injurious to health. Frozen food has no comparison to the fresh food. The nutritional values of fresh food are much higher than the frozen food. They contain many essential minerals, vitamins and good fats that aid in staying healthy and active.


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