Know About Food Cat Making
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Know About Food Cat Making

Published at 01/25/2012 08:34:52


Know About Food Cat Making

Food is an essential part of the body organ that provides nourishment and energy to our body like a car cannot work and go without petrol similarly an animal can also not live without food. As humans cook and eat different varieties of food similar is the functionality with the animals too. Now a day’s many departmental stores have kept animals food with them from which cat food is the most common and most attractive as cat is the most attractive specie more attracting than a dog. There are certain families that treat them as an important member of their family and want them to eat healthy and digested food so that they retain their health and vice versa. At times people do ask about cat food that why they can’t just use recipe and cook it raw? The major goal and purpose for doing it so was to feed your cat with a diet that nature intend for your carnivore. If, sourcing meat from a supermarket I would suggest partially splitting the difference and to cook the outside of whole,(not ground) meats prior to grinding them this allows to kill majority of bacteria surface and will make the diet much safer than dry food. The chicken, turkey thighs which are generally made and which experts cook and homemade people make and use is 25-50% and mainly 50-75% raw. The Food cat which is kept in refrigerators slows bacterial rate but doesn’t halt it if the cooker is worried about the bacteria in raw meat, than the bacteria in dry food also needs to be in consideration , because dry food is far free from bacteria free. Since the prices have risen so high due to this we have to keep a measure and in mind that the costing of this food so not be so much high as a general survey the company that offers a low rate in such products is The costing of Food cat depends on the meat, feed, source, supplements .


Know About Food Cat Making

Chicken thighs cost about $1.99/lb and turkey thighs are about $2.99/lb. Canned foods can be useful too sometimes, a well known company known as wellness is famous for its canned food and it gives them up at approximate rates. Sometimes, cat food can also comprise of rabbits too. An immediate recipe could be this too that you took chicken thigh, chicken breast, thoroughly rinse the meat with water and cut it up into small pieces. Another recipe can be this too that I can mix in these small pieces with their canned food to get them used to the taste and texture of just plain meat. As a matter of fact making, up your Food cat is not at all a rocket science as if you are completely aware of the materials and recopies you can easily make them for example there are certain vitamins which are water soluble, which means that if you are using more than your recommended amount, you are putting your cat at risk for toxicity. Food cat can be at over dose too because, there are certain foods that use polish , while others use supplements too so it is essential to have an approximate ratio of food quantity so that the food cannot be overdose. The most important thing is to get the calcium to phosphorous ratio, which can be most easily achieved by feeding whole carcasses. There are certain times when we are busy and don’t have that often time to prepare our own Food cat but that doesn’t mean that we buy food sold in vet offices, vet clinics and grocery stores. Most of the times cats prefer eating canned cat food as it give a better taste. At an instant cat food is the most important expense of feline guardianship, next to veterinary care.


Know About Food Cat Making

There are certain initial steps that may guide in selecting a proper diet for cat food:

  • Protein from a named meat, fish or poultry source.
  • Taurine, this is an essential amino acid.
  • Certain other minerals, vitamins, enzymes and fatty acids.
  • Water.
  • Mostly cats don’t need carbohydrates.
  • Preservatives to keep canned foods fresh for cat food.
  • There are certain other things we should see for cat food such as label should be watched so as to get and prepare a healthy food for cats:
  • There should be a compliance with AAFCO’s requirements for complete and balanced diet as indicated by the word on the label.
  • The named protein source look for chicken, turkey, lamb, beef inspite of beef.
  • The listed material used on top should be protein that is used in canned food material.
  • Expiry date should be checked in order to retain freshness and healthiness.

While preparing food for us there are certain things which we avoid such as excess use of material, preservatives, water and much more other things so while preparing or buying it for animals we need to avoid certain things which are stated as below:

  • Corn meal as filler.
  • Chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, along with propyl gallate.
  • Excess of carbohydrate fillers (dry food contains as much as 50 percent grain).
  • By-products such as meat, bone meal and animal digest other descriptions, including digest or added sugars.

The canned food must go through the feeding tests for the life stage which is being recommended in the label provided.

  • The food composition should meet the level of ingredients or nutrients provided and approved by AAFCO.
  • Commercially in pet foods the preservatives added must be scientifically demonstrated so as to avoid any circumstances between pets and people at an approximation it is less than 100 times the levels found in such foods. 


Tips and comments

However, currently the policy for cat food manufacturers is using natural preservatives such as vitamins C&E.
AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) is basically designed and is working for the betterment and designing strategies for production and labeling of animals feed comprising of pets food. Dry cat food can directly contribute or directly related to certain health conditions as:

  • Feline Diabetics.
  • IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).
  • CRF (Chronic Renal Failure).
  • Urinary crystals and cystitis.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Dehydration

As a general factor raw food is far much better than dry food for cats.