Top Tips To Keep Safety Food
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Top Tips To Keep Safety Food

Published at 02/07/2012 03:19:13


Top Tips To Keep Safety Food

Are you planning to invite your friends and family for dinner on the weekend? Let’s assume that you have decided upon a great menu and started cooking for the weekend two days before. While serving the food over the weekend you receive a shock that food is no more a safety food and emitting a very bad, rotten smell. What will you do now? While preparing food, if a few things are taken into consideration, the safety food can be served at dinner. Keeping the safety food in mind is the major task while preparing any weekend meal, two or three days before the dinner. Here are some tips for safety food.





Step 1

Plan and manage accordingly.

First of all, draw a proper plan about how will you carry the cooking and storing process. It is very important for safety food to be treated well. For storing the food, check refrigerator, fridge, freezer and oven; clean them and make enough space for the food. Clean storage place is good for safety food, without that food may start giving bad smell. Clean the ice in fridge ad freezer set them on desired temperature and then store food in it.

Step 2

Cook Properly.

Whatever you are planning to cook, cook it properly at the desired temperature. For safety food, killing of harmful bacteria is a must. Bacteria can be killed by cooking food on normal temperature. Vegetables, poultry and red meat should be cooked on recommended temperature.

Step 3

Defrost properly before cooking.

Using fresh meat and poultry for cooking is the best choice. But in case you have to use any frozen meat, defrost it properly. Don’t defrost it in the oven; instead keep it in the refrigerator for ample time. For safety food, do not defrost meat by leaving it on the kitchen counter, this will lower the quality of meat and its taste. Also, defrosting on the kitchen counter will result in decaying and releasing important nutrition from meat. So defrost the meat in the fridge before cooking it, for sufficient time.


Top Tips To Keep Safety Food

Take care of cleanliness.

Cleanliness is often an important aspect which is not taken seriously. We think washing of ingredients is enough, wiping off the kitchen counter just once is alright, which is not the case. For safety food, ingredients should be washed thoroughly with lukewarm water, the cooking place should be cleaned carefully time and often before, during and after the cooking. Personal cleanliness is mandatory too, as the cook can also transfer the germs to the ingredients. Keep yourself clean, wash your hands properly, keep your kitchen and cooking place and carefully wash everything.


Refrigerate food as soon as possible.

After cooking, leave the food till its temperature drops to normal. After that immediately put it in the refrigerator. Same way put the left over in the fridge as soon as possible. Don’t leave food open and on the kitchen counter for long.

Safety food is not a rocket science, and with few precautions it can be done easily. Besides the mentioned tips few other tips can do the job. For example, use of fresh ingredients for cooking, cover the food before storing it, wash every ingredient thoroughly and use of good quality ingredients.